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New media

Posted: 04 Jun 2008, 14:32
by kea
New place in SP2D-Snow (this is a first map of SP2D, it was included in that early public demo release):

Posted: 04 Jun 2008, 19:52
by Hellscrag
Cool. :tup:

Posted: 04 Jun 2008, 19:55
by Turboman
Looks very nice and cold :o I must have missed the public demo before... but i'm waiting for the final release:tup:

Also is that translucent water a hud effect for underwater?

Posted: 04 Jun 2008, 19:57
by UBerserker
It gives me nostalgia of old games, and it's awesome.

Posted: 04 Jun 2008, 23:37
by Mister_Prophet
Platformer for the win :o

Posted: 05 Jun 2008, 01:12
by Jethro
Look really cool! :tup:

Can't wait to play it.

Posted: 05 Jun 2008, 07:53
by kea
Turboman wrote:Also is that translucent water a hud effect for underwater?

No any special effects were added.

Posted: 11 Aug 2008, 08:10
by kea


Posted: 11 Aug 2008, 10:25
by TheIronKnuckle

Posted: 11 Aug 2008, 12:01
by Jethro
Visuals - as always - stunning.

2 comments on gameplay things thou: could you add arrow above characters head pointing "you are here"? I got some problems finding player in the grassy shot. Another thing: shot with the hole in the floor - I HATE jumping puzzles. Man, I always got stuck.

Other than that - well, really looking forward to this pack! :tup:

One more question: will there be coop support? Is it still Oldskool-incompatible?

Posted: 11 Aug 2008, 12:25
by UBerserker
Cool. Hopefully you can save the game where you want, otherwise those jumping puzzles will be hell.

Posted: 11 Aug 2008, 12:33
by Kaka
One thing i don't like is the black void 'outside' the map - maybe some cool background or something?

Posted: 11 Aug 2008, 14:02
by kea
When you play, you won't lose your character out of view. Besides, player is crouching there. If you walk, grass ain't a problem at all.
I'm sorry to say that, but Carthage implemented a lot of jumping puzzles. I even had to ask him to make them a bit easier, though they still are quite hard.

The black void shows the plane which "cuts" the view. Don't know what colorful and fun I can place there. :P

Posted: 11 Aug 2008, 14:53
by Nahand
... any optimistic ETA? :) ...

Posted: 11 Aug 2008, 15:10
by kea
Nahand wrote:... any optimistic ETA? :) ...

Circa 2008. :P