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Demo 2 - Poll and Discussion

For public discussion of "Savage Land" and other Red Nemesis projects.

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What Should Demo 2 be?

A New Level (or levels) from the Campaign
The Same Demo Levels from Demo 1, but updated
A Standalone SP Level
Other Option (explain)
No More Demos!
No votes
Total votes: 14

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Subject: Demo 2 - Poll and Discussion

Post Posted: 07 Oct 2021, 18:59

As stated in the Dev thread, I'm starting to brainstorm ideas of what we ought to do coming up on the Demo's first year anniversary. Secondary to any mutators we might release I was thinking of a simple short couple of levels like we did last time, albeit with more up to date code functions.

I was also discussing with team members if it would be cool (and possible with the months allotted to me) to simply make a single, standalone SP level separate from the main Savage Land campaign (but using Savage Land assets). I'm starting a Poll, but feel free to comment and make suggestions (or shoot down ideas).

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Subject: Re: Demo 2 - Poll and Discussion

Post Posted: 08 Oct 2021, 09:04

To be quite honest, none of the above fully fits. Allow me to explain.

IN THEORY, by now you should have the Demo 1 levels already also updated in accordance to any feedback you received. So why not release them, but alongside Option One? As in, throw in a new level or two. The precedent is already there: look into how the team behind Another Reality is doing things, they released another demo fairly recently (after the oldie one), and alongside the updated content, there was a small flavor of new content as well.

As for a separate level with SL assets... what in the what? Having such a large project on your plate, the last thing you need is to stretch your ability-bandwidth span thin as in case of Residual Decay developed simultaneously with Dead Cell, albeit to a lesser degree coz as far as I recall, those old projects didn't share codebases. Still, having to develop something using SL assets but not within the SL campaign still requires coming up with the story behind the level. In my opinion, that's still stretching your bandwidth thin. IMO if I were to recommend, focus on Savage Land for now, exclusively. You'll be surprised how much of a momentum gain you'll get.

So, Options One and Two. Hold Option Three, please. And by Vandora and Velora, please no option four - we need our Unreal gaming fix comin'!

You're doing a goddamn good job there!

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Subject: Re: Demo 2 - Poll and Discussion

Post Posted: 08 Oct 2021, 17:28

On the first two levels being released on another demo,

It is true that the first two maps have received a ton of updates based on feedback from the prior Demo, but it is also true that I have completed the "de-escalation" of the levels to fit more in tune with the role of entry level difficulties (the Demo levels were amp'd up because of some of the inventory inclusions and late game enemy classes). Including them, again, is not off the table. However, thinking about a second Demo I figured that if we included more Campaign levels it might be more interesting for people to see new locations (possibly more than two or even as few as one large map).

On a standalone level. The Poll is really for me to gauge people's interests, but I understand if that suggestion spooks some people into thinking that I may be biting off more than I can chew. To put it in a better point of view, I'm helping the Resurgence team currently with a level in their own campaign where both project stories occur on a consecutive timeline. The level in question is being made from scratch for Resurgence, but will also reappear in Savage Land (a year later in the story). This is where my mind is at in terms of starting new levels from scratch...something that could be made standalone for fun Demo reasons and later be integrated into the map cycle.

Basically speaking, I don't want to make anything new that will only be used once. There is also the fact that I still have a lot of maps that I haven't actually had room for in Savage Land that are still from the RD horde either because they are not Na Pali centric or need to be finished. On a mapper's perspective, it was posed as an incentive for me to actually do something/finish some of this old stuff.

Again, time available will dictate what we do and I'm happy to have suggestions! It is true that logically we maybe ought to keep it consistent with our current pace and not go off the reservation, and I was sort of hoping to get responses like Victor's on the matter. We do want to remain grounded. Reality is, I still don't quite know what we'll do but I at least want to get something started this month or so (or soon).

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Subject: Re: Demo 2 - Poll and Discussion

Post Posted: 25 Oct 2021, 12:38

I voted other option because:

The Same Demo Levels from Demo 1, but updated: nope, don't give away too many secrets

A New Level (or levels) from the Campaign: same nope

A Standalone SP Level: only if it doesn't take (too) much time away from the main development. Say 6 weeks development of that standalone map is already a lot (because 6 weeks easily becomes 8 or more). Having said this, It actually depends on whether the developer(s) want or need a break.

No more Demos actually this is a firm NO: I'm very happy with what was shown and can be played (haven't even finished it - time constraints) but the fresher it seems when it's complete, the better.

Basically a worthless answer 8) but the waiting has been long already and I don't mind waiting another month few years ;-)

So : it's Other Option (e.g. if there's a new weapon or feature for a weapon e.g. The Resurgence hauling in of an enemy: yep show that but still let the player explore and discover features when it's released.

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Subject: Re: Demo 2 - Poll and Discussion

Post Posted: 25 Oct 2021, 18:09

Definitely not a worthless answer! Believe me, these Polls are really helpful. Thank you for your thoughts :tup:

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