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Reviewers wanted

For discussion about itself.

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Skaarj Warlord Skaarj Warlord
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Subject: Re: Reviewers wanted

Post Posted: 29 Jun 2011, 23:12

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I believe I'll be reviewing some blasts from the past too, if nobody has anything against it. On an irregular basis.

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Skaarj Scout Skaarj Scout
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Subject: Re: Reviewers wanted

Post Posted: 03 Aug 2011, 10:32

I'd be mighty interested. I played the Shrakith'a map earlier and I was thinking in my head a whole bunch of the complaints I would add were I writing a review.

Than too my pleasure I found this!

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Skaarj Elder Skaarj Elder
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Subject: Re: Reviewers wanted

Post Posted: 18 Dec 2011, 18:38

A little while back I wrote a review of Infest (from the review suggestion box) based on this site's schema to see how it would turn out. Just wondering if anyone who knows the map / the review schema would be interested in taking a look at it.

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Administrator Administrator
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Subject: Re: Reviewers wanted

Post Posted: 18 Dec 2011, 19:07

Add two screenshots and PM it to me as a guest review!

I still have a whole five reviews by Teridax and four reviews by Delacroix on the backburner along with a second opinion by MMAN (sorry folks! I'm taking way too long with the new site!), so yours would be a welcome addition to a massive future content update. :tup: webmaster & administrator

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Gilded Claw Gilded Claw
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Subject: Re: Reviewers wanted

Post Posted: 18 Dec 2011, 22:58

I've been meaning to get a review of Revelations done for ages. Should get onto it. Map deserves more recognition imo
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Skaarj Warrior Skaarj Warrior
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Subject: Re: Reviewers wanted

Post Posted: 03 Jun 2016, 23:54

I would love to review the map packs I have played recently, but my English isn't too great =x It's a mystery to me how people are able to write these long thought-out reviews.

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Skaarj Assassin Skaarj Assassin
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Subject: Re: Reviewers wanted

Post Posted: 08 Jun 2016, 21:35

I wouldn't mind writing a couple reviews. Seems pretty fun. :3
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