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An appeal for files

Posted: 18 Sep 2018, 05:11
by gopostal
We've been having a discussion at OldUnreal about how to save as much of Unreal as possible since the game is aging and interest is falling away. I had posted several places asking for ideas and one of the major gaming websites noticed. Over the weekend I talked with the owner and we discussed what would be needed and they are offering to host the entire collection.

I have a pretty extensive collection already but I'm appealing to you guys to consider sharing anything you might have saved with me so I can add it all to the package I'll be giving them to host. I set up a simple FTP server here:

<removed, server closed>

Please consider throwing maps, mods, whatever onto the server and adding it into the collection. I'd really appreciate any help you might give. You guys are the best people to represent what should be saved from Unreal so consider taking a moment and tossing your old archive folder onto the FTP server. Thank you for considering this.


EDIT: The FTP server is closed. I got a great response and I'm packaging the repository to be uploaded to GameFront. I'll post a link when its ready. Thank you to everyone that contributed.