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The Clock is Ticking - new management needed

For discussion about UnrealSP.org itself.

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Skaarj Scout Skaarj Scout
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Post Posted: 03 May 2010, 12:22

I like the paypal idea. Makes it easy for people to help the funding :tup:
If it is really just 10 bucks a month, I don't expect any problems :wink:
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Skaarj Berserker Skaarj Berserker
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Post Posted: 03 May 2010, 12:41

Can PayPal money be withdrawn by more than one person?
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Post Posted: 03 May 2010, 12:46

diamond wrote:Can PayPal money be withdrawn by more than one person?

I don't think so, but it wouldn't need to be. One person would be in charge of paying the bill for the hosting, with the assistance of the Paypal payments if required.
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Post Posted: 07 May 2010, 03:24

Don't stop by too much now days...but UnrealSP.Org can definitely count on some financial support from me going forward. This place was like home for me a while back...and it really should continue for the present :tup: 8)
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