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A brief note

Yesterday has marked the 22nd Anniversary of our little corner of the internet. Occupied with my own birthday, I've only now gotten around to writing about it.

This year marks the arrival of our relaunched site, on which I have previously shared my thoughts. Semfry has been doing a good job maintaining the site with news and articles as they come in. Besides that, the community and the franchise as whole are having a rather quiet year, despite the should-be-monumental 25th anniversary of the series itself.

It is a relief to have delivered on what I have promised to deliver some 9-10 years ago, though it is with melancholy that I note that these efforts came too late. Nevertheless, although the flame of the torch flickers and fades, it yet continues to burn, and I am glad that it is especially our own regulars who continue to hold the torch aloft.

Here's hoping for good news to reinvigorate the series, and its single-player community.

Addition by Semfry: the Steele Dawn review has been updated for the 2.0 update and it has gained one point as a result, putting it up to 79%. This was actually done a bit ago, but the changes were small enough that I decided to wait for some more news before announcing it.