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Unreal 25th Anniversary!

25 Years of Unreal

Semfry here, however, this post is Ivydion's statement posted to the UnrealSP Discord:

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Unreal. Despite the unfortunate news of Epic removing Unreal from storefronts and seemingly shuttering all support of the franchise, the community continues to cook up new content for our much-beloved, ailing game.

Our own collaboration team "The Soup Kitchen" has been quietly working on wrapping up the "Pirates of Nali Land" collab, with a small trailer by Ebd:

At the same time, community member Krull0r has also announced a special trailer of his much-anticipated project "Unreal Redux" for the occasion:

While recent developments from the side of Epic Games leave little to celebrate, we can continue to rally behind the steadfast members of the community who continue to pour their passion into Unreal as before. Happy 25th!