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Project Xenome: Interloper Review and Hard Crash Re-review

A new king arrives

Another review update: The masterpiece Project Xenome: Interloper has finally got a long-deserved review, surpassing everything so far on the site with a score of 92% .

Hard Crash has also had it's review updated now that the full version has been released with more maps and many improvements to the old ones. While it still has some flaws, this has given it a big boost from an okay 58% to a very strong 72%

As mentioned in the last post, all downloads are available here for now

As a small bonus I've also added a Wipeout speedrun video to my Operation Na Pali speedrun guide; the guide is still very outdated, but no more "impossible" levels now!

These initial (re)reviews are what I considered my "backlog" for the new site, so I guess things will slow down a little for me now.