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Steele Dawn Review, Project Xenome 1 Re-review and Download Links

First new content update

Hi, this is the first new content update (and a test of the news-posting system for me).

Lost expansion recreation Steele Dawn has now been reviewed; a strong set that has gained a score of 78%.

The review of Project Xenome: First Day has now been updated to take the patch improvements into account; while a lot of the review remains the same, certain parts, like the gameplay section, have been mostly rewritten. It goes from an already strong 81% to 84%.

Finally, while the site doesn't have built-in download links yet (which will hopefully change soon), this thread now contains downloads for every reviewed map on the site. Not all can be guaranteed to work, but every Unreal Archive or ModDB link should function and provide the newest version of a map/set where possible.