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Team UnrealSP presents Unreal: Battle for Na Pali, a sequel to Epic Games' 1998 classic Unreal. Built for the Unreal Tournament engine, we will be using traditional mapping techniques to bring you a unique, single-player oriented sequel true to the Unreal feel. If you think you could contribute to our project and would like to be involved, let us know by filling in the form on the team page. Site best viewed in 1152x864 or greater.

Unreal: Battle for Na Pali shelved 20/01/08 Hellscrag

Team UnrealSP is sorry to announce an indefinite halt to the development of Unreal: Battle for Na Pali. The project has been put "On Hold" until further notice.

The principal problem is one of capacity. The Unreal Single Player community is too small to sustain as many major projects as are currently being developed. Making any real progress with the mod has been a struggle from day one with so many key members of the team being spread too thinly over multiple projects.

A lot of good work has been done on BfNP, but there is a tremendous amount still to be done, not just in mapping terms but also in areas such as modelling and coding.

In order to give BfNP a fighting chance of returning in the future, two of this community's major projects are consolidating their workforce. Of those members of Team UnrealSP currently unattached to other projects, many will be joining Team Red Nemesis to help complete work on Residual Decay. After RD has finally seen release, we will appraise whether there is sufficient life left in the Unreal Single Player community to resume work on and, hopefully, complete Unreal: Battle for Na Pali.

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank the Unreal Single Player community for the support it has given this project to date. The work already completed on BfNP will be kept in a safe place in the hope that it will some day be put to good use.

In the mean time, please throw your support behind the other projects currently in development, and let's keep this community alive and well.

New Music Release 07/10/07 Hellscrag

Greatings, loyal BfNP fans: today we have something a bit different for you - two new music tracks by Frieza! You can find them on the music page. Please direct any comments to this thread on our forums!

General Update, including Pics 24/08/07 Hellscrag

The Snapshots page has been updated with the very latest pics as seen on the forums. You will also find that the team page has been updated to reflect the departure of niX and Waffnuffly (the latter having completed most of a map, which remains in our possession).

New Texture Artist 21/06/07 Hellscrag

Long time no update! Still, we're delighted to welcome a new texture artist, madd_cracker, to the team. madd_cracker will prove a real asset to Team UnrealSP and will begin by working on high-tech texture sets. Meanwhile, in a bid to get things moving, several of our members have taken on the additional responsibilities of building weapon, creature and decoration models. The early results are looking promising, and hopefully there will be some renders for you soon!

Screenshot Roundup 25/02/07 Hellscrag

There's been some healthy mapping progress in the last couple of months (and a few cuts to the map outline to help things along). The Snapshots page has now been updated with some of the goodness to have been posted on the forums in the recent weeks. Enjoy!

Welcome XYZ8000! 25/02/07 Hellscrag

It's my great pleasure to welcome XYZ8000 to the team as our latest new mapper! We've lost Howitzer, unfortunately, so if you're a modeller who fancies tackling some new creature classes, please get in touch (you could really help us out).

BfNP is Still Alive 29/01/07 Frieza

After one month following a new action plan to try to progress at a more realistic pace, things are looking more positive for Battle for Na Pali. Weve made a lot more progress in just one month than we have done in the past year (Im not kidding you!). However, all this progress has been made by a relatively small group of active team members. Theres still a substantial part of the team that has made no progress whatsoever the entire month. That is why we have decided to reduce the size of Team UnrealSP somewhat and lose all that dead weight. Which is why were saying goodbye to the following members: Flunders, TechnoJF, GriNGoLoCo, Ghost3021, SnipaMasta and XepptizZ. If they are able to readily and substantially contribute to BfNP again we will welcome them back with open arms! Apart from those members were also saying goodbye MMAN, who has resigned as a mapper (and whose deputy team leader duties will now be taken over by Hellscrag) and FraGnBrag, who never actually got started.

Because we are slimming down the team were also cutting a small part of the maps that played no big part in BfNPs story and also hadnt been allocated to a member of the team yet. This will make the scope of the whole project a bit more manageable. If we can attract active mappers in the future they may be reinstated in the outline however! The following maps have been cut from the outline: Map06, Map 21, Map 22, Map 28, Map 30 and Map 35.

Weve also reallocated some maps. I will no longer be responsible for Map 18 and Map 19, instead Nicolas Eymerich will take responsibility for those now. I will now be looking after Map 10 and Map 11 instead. Also, Hellscrag will be taking on Flunders map (Map 25).

And thats about it! Despite how serious this may all sound, things have never looked better for BfNP. There might be a future after all!

Welcome NicolasEymerich 12/01/07 Hellscrag

Happy New Year to all BfNP fans. It's my pleasure to welcome NicolasEymerich to the team as a new mapper!
There have been a few changes at the top, with Frieza now in charge of the team. I myself have resigned from that role and am staying as a webmaster and mapper for the time being.

New Snapshots 18/12/06 Hellscrag

Check out the Snapshots page for a couple of new screenies of a map being worked on by Deadkatz!

Welcomes and Farewells 18/12/06 Hellscrag

Our recruitment drive didn't 100% pan out, as evilmrfrank, Lightning Hunter and Rakiayn backed out of the team after realising that they didn't have sufficient time in which to work on the project. We also seem for now to have lost Neutron, who has lapsed into silence. However, they have been replaced by new talent in the form of GTD-Carthage - welcome aboard!

BfNP Teaser Trailer released! 09/11/06 Hellscrag

The 3:15 minute Unreal: Battle for Na Pali teaser trailer has now been released! To download the file, visit our ModDB page and click on "Downloads". Enjoy, and send us your comments via this forum thread!

Introducing niX, FraGnBraG and Rakiayn 08/11/06 Hellscrag

Our recruitment drive continues, with the recruitment of three fantastic new mappers in niX, FraGnBraG and Rakiayn. niX has been added to the team page, and the others will follow once their info has been received.
Oh... and stay tuned for something even bigger!

New Mappers 13/10/06 Hellscrag

Joining the gang are Deadkatz and evilmrfrank, who will be mapping for BfNP. Welcome! Also hovering on the fringes are Flunders, who has returned to complete the map he was working on before he left, and Lightning Hunter, who may or may not be mapping for the project!

Snapshots Update 04/09/06 Hellscrag

The Snapshots page has been updated with four completely new screenshots. The pics show some of the gloomier areas currently being worked on and feature maps by Hellscrag and MMAN. All four areas shown are slightly WIP.

New mapper! 01/09/06 Hellscrag

Wael Ben Dhia, also known as cooloola, has joined the team as a mapper. A demo map he made impressed us sufficiently that we snapped him up right away. If you would like to help, we still have space for three, maybe four mappers on the team.
Stay tuned for some new map snapshots, hopefully within the next couple of days!

More Member Wasteage 01/08/06 Hellscrag

Drew has joined the ranks of members leaving Team UnrealSP. This is not as bad as it sounds, as all the recent departures had been dormant for some time. However, what we have now are vacancies for up to five mappers. If you are a young, energetic UT mapper with suitable skillz and evidence of past work who would like to contribute, please get in touch via the forum or the e-mail form on the team page.

Member Wasteage 30/07/06 Hellscrag

Following a long period of silence from both members, Flunders and Nalifox have been dropped from the team. This is particularly unfortunate, as both members had made good progress on their respective tasks prior to their disappearance. At this point we need new mappers more than ever, and probably a creature modeller too. Can you help?

Snapshots Update 26/07/06 Hellscrag

The Snapshots page has been updated with five additional pics. The pics will be familiar to some of you, having been leaked on the forus at various stages, but if you're not a regular forum viewer, then they will give you something new to look at.

Welcome Ghost3021 11/07/06 Hellscrag

Ghost3021 has now also joined Team UnrealSP, once again to help out with our scripting!
P.S.: Expect a general site update soon.

kea joins Team UnrealSP 03/07/06 Hellscrag

A warm welcome to kea, who joins Team UnrealSP to help out with our scripting!

Nalifox Returns 25/06/06 Hellscrag

Modeller Nalifox has recently returned to the team and we hope to have an update from him soon! Meanwhile, Howitzer has made good progress with his first new Nali mesh. Check the Development Diary for the latest scoop on BfNP's textures.

Staff Changes 25/05/06 Hellscrag

Unfortunately we lost creature modeller Nalifox a few weeks ago. His brief membership gave us a tantalising glimpse of a skilled and efficient modeller but unfortunately he has, at least for now, vanished from the scene. However, Nalifox's departure also sees the return of Howitzer, who will pick up where he left off by modelling the Nali family. The Team page has been updated to reflect this and reordered slightly, and don't forget to check the forum for the latest Development Diary entry, this time from Neutron.

Site Revamp 04/04/06 Hellscrag

Well, the site has had a minor but long-awaited revamp with a new logo brought to you by GriNGoLoCo and a couple of new links over on the left (refresh the menu frame if you don't see them). Yesterday's publicity pics are now fully online and you can view larger versions by clicking on the thumbnails below. Further updates will be forthcoming, such as a possible revamp of the team page. Incidentally, we are aware that the links in the Music section are currently broken; we hope to have some new music samples online for you first.





Studio F Leaves 04/04/06 Hellscrag

After being out of touch for some time, Studio F has now left Team UnrealSP for pastures new. Apparently texture artistry no longer holds the appeal for him that it used to. None the less, we wish him well.

Publicity Pics at ModDB 03/04/06 Hellscrag

Four new publicity pics have been uploaded to ModDB. They'll be up on this site shortly, but in the mean time if you wish to view the images at full size, head to the ModDB page.

Development Diary Opened 22/03/06 Hellscrag

A semi-regular Development Diary thread has now been opened on the forums. Team UnrealSP members will take it in turns to post their thoughts on their contribution and the project as a whole. The diary begins with an entry from Enigma. Keep your eyes to the boards for updates!

Unveiled: The EAR 22/03/06 Hellscrag

The Weapons section has now been opened, with details of one of our new weapons, the Energy Assault Rifle or EAR. A forum thread has also been created to discuss the weapon, and your comments would be welcomed!

Another New Modeller 28/02/06 Hellscrag

Our new recruit Nalifox is now also joined by established forumer XepptizZ. Between the two of them we have a great creature modelling team - hopefully we'll be able to share some of their excellent work with you before too much longer!

Site Update 18/02/06 Hellscrag

The Story page has been revised with a story that is shorter and more relevant to the player. In the mean time, much of the Concept Art has been pulled from the public site at the request of certain members of the team. Maps continue to progress well, as they have been doing for the past couple of weeks.

New Modeller and Screenshots Update 12/02/06 Hellscrag

Howitzer chose to leave the team with his work unfinished. This was a blow to morale for a while, but we have now recruited a new modeller by the name of Nalifox who has already done some swift and excellent work on our Velshan mesh. Meanwhile, several new or updated images now appear on the screenshots page. Enjoy!

Battle for Na Pali now on ModDB 12/02/06 Hellscrag

MMAN created a home for Battle for Na Pali on ModDB. The ModDB page details the basics of the project and will hopefully bring our mod to a wider audience!

New Mapper 01/01/06 Hellscrag

Happy New Year everyone! It is my pleasure to report that Ultimate Weasel has joined the team to make two very important maps for us. Things are progressing well, although there's not a lot else for me to report at present.

Another New Screenshot 14/12/05 Hellscrag

The Screenshots page now features a replacement pic of the Coastal Fortress following a revamp of the map concept. Enjoy!
We have also undergone some internal shifting. Howitzer has dropped his mapping contribution but MMAN will now be mapping again for the project. Other maps have been progressing gradually. We'll get there - when it's done!

New Screenshot 04/12/05 Hellscrag

The Screenshots page has been updated with a new pic of a map by Waffnuffly. The map is looking sweet so check it out!

fashahhh joins Team UnrealSP 25/11/05 Hellscrag

The forum-aware will already know that fashahhh, mapper of Amnesiac, has joined Team UnrealSP. fashahhh is a great mapper and his arrival is a great bonus for the team - welcome!

New Screenshots 10/09/05 Hellscrag

It's not quite as large an update as I'd have liked, but a few new or updated screenshots are now available on the Screenshots page, including work from some of our more recent recruits. Enjoy!

Further Team Cutbacks 07/09/05 Hellscrag

ZBREAKER2001 will now be leaving Team UnrealSP following a long leave of absence. UNless I hear otherwise, I am also assuming that ThickAsABrick, who was collaborating with ZBREAKER2001 on a map and who had been inactive for even longer, will be going the same way. Even if it's not positive progress, it simplifies things for the team as a whole.

Team Cutbacks 06/09/05 Hellscrag

MMAN has deided to stand down as a mapper. He remains deputy team leader in a motivational / organisational role, and will of course do a lot of beta testing when the time comes. We MAY have a vacancy for a mapper as a result of this, but I want to tie up some loose ends before recruiting. But if you're interested / have expressed your interest before and wish to do so again, then feel free to make your pitches. We will require a certain degree of mapping skill and / or willingness to listen to advice and do what it takes to become a better mapper.
This is part of the internal reorganisation process we are currently undergoing. Further maps may yet become deallocated.

General News 31/08/05 Hellscrag

We have just passed an internal deadline. What does this mean for the public?

  • Maekh is no longer with us - he has been out of contact for several months - and his map will therefore be passed to Flunders;
  • Some team members may be reducing their contributions to the project due to a failure to meet this deadline; and
  • We may have a new batch of screenies for you within the next couple of weeks.
I am pleased to report that there has been evidence lately of some nice mapping work within the team.

Battle for Na Pali Interview 18/08/05 Hellscrag

Surf into UnrealSP.Org to check out an interesting BfNP-related interview carried out by Reciprocity. Enjoy!

Drew joins Team UnrealSP 16/08/05 Hellscrag

Within the last few days, Andrew Ross, mapper of Skaarj Tower - Shadow and Fire, has joined the team to make two maps for us. A big welcome to the master of conceptually grand map design!

New mapper 12/07/05 Hellscrag

Jeff "Flunders" Smyth, formerly of Shock Systems, has joined Team UnrealSP as a mapper. He has yet to finalise his choice of maps from our outline, but the Progress page will be updated when he does so. He has been added to the Team page. Welcome aboard, Flunders!

New art and IRC channel 16/06/05 Hellscrag

Following the arrival of our new recruits, we have a nice piece of new Concept Art by Kaka showing one of the levels he will be working on. Additionally, we have opened an IRC channel for the project; info on this can be found here.

New Recruits! 14/06/05 Hellscrag

Despite the quietness of this site and the forum, Unreal: Battle for Na Pali rumbles slowly on. As such, I am pleased to be able to report the recruitment of McFarrel, who will be making textures for us, and of Kaka (of Dead Cow Studios), who will be working on a couple of maps. Kaka replaces ANaurafire, who unfortunately dropped out of touch some time ago and had to be removed. Both members have been added to the team page.
I have also added a progress report page, a link to which can be found on the left. As you will see, we have much work still to do.

Oops 25/04/05 Hellscrag

Bleh. Why did nobody tell me that there was a spurious line of text above these news posts for nearly two months? :P

Screenshot Updated 28/02/05 Hellscrag

If you surf into the screenshots page, you'll see that the "icy morning" screenshot has been replaced with a new one. Enjoy!

New Modeller 30/01/05 Hellscrag

Team UnrealSP is pleased to welcome aboard SnipaMasta, who will begin by modelling weapons and decorations for us. SnipaMasta is to replace Daedalus, who found himself too busy in real life to contribute, but may return at a later date. This is not to say that we don't need any more staff... as indicated below, we still need:

  • Modellers (willing to build creatures with existing concept art, and to create concept art for those without it)
  • Animators
  • Skinners
  • Texture artists
  • Sound engineers

New Screenshots 10/01/05 Hellscrag

I decided I couldn't keep you waiting any longer! The new pics aren't as numerous as I'd have liked, and one or two are of areas that are works in progress, but they should give you a sense for what we are creating. Enjoy!

Renewed Appeal for Members 08/01/05 Hellscrag

Team UnrealSP is currently fully occupied as regards:

  • Mappers
  • Musicians
  • Coders
  • Concept Artists
We are putting together a sequel to Unreal that could be really awesome, but we have a lot of new ideas and not enough specialist staff to help us make them a reality. Accordingly we need:
  • Modellers
  • Animators
  • Skinners
  • Texture artists
  • Sound engineers
Think you've got the creds, and have something to prove your skills? Please get in touch via the forums or e-mail. If you know what you're doing, you could really give our project a shot in the arm.

New Soundtrack Excerpts 02/01/05 Hellscrag

It's too soon for me to update the Screenshots page, unfortunately, keen as I am to do so; two of the existing shots are even of locales that have since been redone from scratch to higher concepts. However, it's my pleasure to present you with four excellent new soundtrack excerpts, courtesy of Frieza. Drop into the Music section for the new clips, which run for up to three minutes each. Feedback welcome to the forum.

Progress Report 29/09/04 Hellscrag

If you surf into the team page you'll see that the team has been reshuffled slightly and some responsibilities added or changed. For instance, MMAN UGITU is now deputy team leader on this project. There's not a lot else I can tell you except that things are progressing. While I'd really like to update the Screenshots page, I'm currently concentrating on extracting official layout plans from the team's mappers and piecing together our 39 map outline in a more formalised way (including linkages, continuity of time and so on). When we have more screenshots or art to show, you will be the first to know!

Team Page Update 17/09/04 Hellscrag

Ripping further ideas from the TeamVortex site, the team page now features maps showing our team members' positions worldwide. Worth a look for the curious among you!

Progress Report 08/09/04 Hellscrag

We've been kinda quiet, huh? Well, I promise you that the project is progressing. A lot of us took a bit of a break after the frantic run-up to the release of Dj Vu v2.01, but we're easing back into it now. Frieza is making more music; Techno_JF is hard at work coding our HUD; I'm re-planning the frosty town, Pan'thali Haven, from scratch with a much more interesting concept; MMAN UGITU is also planning one of his maps; Howitzer and Studio F are working on our creature meshes - our concept art page has been updated with a sketch of the Nali boy done by Howie. Unfortunately we seem to have lost Githianki, but his concepts and more are being taken on board by various members of the team, including Enigma, Studio F and GriNGoLoCo.
All in all things are progressing pretty well. Unfortunately I don't have any additional screenshots to show you and two of the four we do have are now redundant, but I'm sure more will be available once more of the maps are sufficiently advanced. In the mean time, if any of you still want to help us with the project, we could really use some more talented and experienced Texture Artists who would like to work with the Nali / Skaarj / Mercenary themes. If that's you, please get in touch via the team page!

New Concept Art 29/07/04 Hellscrag

The concept art has been updated with a couple of new pieces by Neutron. Firstly, the new concept art for the redesigned Nali Wolf, and secondly a new, pretty awesome colour concept for the Velshan. I have also made a few changes to the Creatures page, but the Weapons page remains pending.

New Team Page 18/07/04 Hellscrag

The team page has been overhauled considerably, in a style similar to TeamVortex's ONP team page. Ideally I'd like to be able to tell you that everybody has contributed the required information (including photos of themselves), but in actual fact four of the team have yet to contribute anything, and photographs are still pending from a number of the team members who have provided the rest of the info! The page is sufficiently comprehensive now, however, that I thought I'd open it to the public anyway, and I harangue those who have yet to send me their info and will fill in the blanks as the information becomes available. Anyway - to cut a long story short - the new team page can be found here!

Music Downloads 11/07/04 Hellscrag

As promised, I have opened the Music section under Media. We are using this new site area to make a few clips of our original score for Unreal: Battle for Na Pali available. If you look at the menu you may also notice that Dj Vu v2.01 now has a page to itself under Past Releases, along with a selection of screenshots. Enjoy our music clips!

General Update 10/07/04 Hellscrag

We have accumulated some staffing updates: Howitzer will now be modelling creatures for us, and ANaurafire (who was with us in the early stages) has now returned to the team to work on a couple of maps. Since Willis has dropped out of contact, he is being removed from the roster for now. The team page has been updated to reflect these changes. In the mean time, I can clue you in on a few forthcoming site updates: we will be making a few clips of our original music available for you to download, and the UnrealSP.Org anniversary pack Dj Vu v2.01, which was worked on by Team UnrealSP, will be page of its own with a selection of screenshots and a download link.

Dj Vu v2.01 Released! 30/06/04 Hellscrag

The new version of the UnrealSP.Org's anniversary pack has been released! The new release is much, much better than last year's v1.01 releas, and can be downloaded here.

New Screenshots 03/05/04 Hellscrag

We are now presenting a couple of new images on the Screenshots page, showing off some of the new stuff our team has been working on, and removing a couple of pictures as areas are already being completely redeveloped. It's not our intention to saturate the site with new screenshots all the time, spoiling half the pack, but we will be putting plenty up in the early stages to get the ball rolling!

Team Changes 27/04/04 Hellscrag

Eastgate2 had to leave due to unexpected real-life commitments, but we have now been joined by Howitzer, who will map for us, and Daedalus of the Fraghouse Mod Team, who will model the weapons. Although Daedalus will be doing the weapons for us, we still desperately need someone to model creatures for us. For more information, see below.

Team UnrealSP needs a Modeller 15/04/04 Hellscrag

Team UnrealSP requires a modeller / animator to provide several creature meshes and skins for our project, Unreal: Battle for Na Pali. If you are a modeller who would like to have a go at designing some animated creature meshes for the UT436 engine, and wouldn't mind working from other people's concept art, please get in touch via our team page.

Sequel Title Announced 06/04/04 Hellscrag

Team UnrealSP's sequel will now be known as Unreal: Battle for Na Pali, as decided by poll on our private forum. To keep the ball rolling, I have added an additional screenshot of the game to our screenshots page showing a part of a Coastal Fortress map. I have also added a couple of names to the "thanks" section of the team page.
Team UnrealSP still requires additional help for the project, specifically a texture artist and a modeller who can build and animate creature meshes (preferably from existing concept sketches). If you think you can help, let us know by filling in the form on the team page.

More Recruitment and Forums 25/03/04 Hellscrag

Eastgate2 has joined the team as a mapper, our first confirmed recruitment since the site opened. We are still considering the other applications that have been received. Also, since we have now entered the "public" phase of development, we have gained a private, segregated forum for team members only. This has allowed us to move the sensitive threads away from the public eye and make the main forum spoiler-free.

Recruitment 23/03/04 Hellscrag

Since the site opened two days ago, we have already received mail from four different people interested in joining the team. We consider all applications carefully (even those we toss out), so if you are very keen to be a part of the crew, then get in touch via the team page - which has, incidentally, received a couple of minor updates. While we're here, thanks to BeyondUnreal and PlanetUnreal for reporting the opening of our site. This publicity has largely been responsible for the increased interest in our project.

Site Opens 21/03/04 Hellscrag

Welcome to the Team UnrealSP web site! If this is the first time you've visited us, feel free to look around. At present we have a full backing story, a selection of concept art and a couple of early screen shots for you to look at. Pay a visit also to our forum, part of the UnrealSP.Org forum network.


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