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Unreal Beta Guide

Under Construction This section is currently under construction. Consequently, not all of the pages within it are active yet, and you may encounter some dead links. Please be patient whilst we work to complete the content.

In this section you will find UBerserker's definitive guide to the leaked Unreal 1997/8 beta, which achieved widespread availability in the online fan community in 2006. The elusive beta was infamous in fan circles for many years before its widespread availability due to the presence of several cut maps that fans were keen to experience for themselves. Whilst UnrealSP.Org is not prepared to host downloads of the leaked beta itself (or the various conversions to Unreal/UT), here you will find a detailed guide to all of the beta's maps, creatures, weapons and items. Enjoy!

With thanks to Leo(T.C.K.) for additional input and checking.

Unreal 1997/8 Beta - Maps

1. Vortex Rikers
2. NyLeve's Fall
3. Rrajigar Mine
4. Chizra
5. Dark Arena
6. Harobed Village
7. TerraLift
8. Terraniux
9. Noork's Elbow
10. Temple of Vandora
11. The Trench
12. ISV-Kran
13. ISVDeck1
14. The Sunspire
15. Sky Town
16. FHub4
17. Soledad
18. Morose

19. FHub5
20. Aztec
21. Nexus
22. NexusEnd
23. Foundry Tarydium Plant
24. Toxic
25. FHub6
26. Cryox
27. VeloraEnd
28. Bluff Eversmoking
29. DASA
30. NaliC
31. NaliLord
32. FHub7
33. ExtremeBeg
34. Extreme
35. ExtremeEnd

Unreal 1997/8 Beta - Creatures, Weapons and Items

Coming soon.