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Dispersion Pistol: Your basic medium fire rate sidearm has a self-recharging power supply, meaning that it will never run out of ammo. If you do use up its charge, it soon comes back again. This may make it sound extremely powerful but it is let down by the fact that each charge only does a pitiful 15 points of damage. That is unless you have a powerup that increases the power of its primary fire mode. In this situation it becomes more powerful, but the rate of fire decreases. Primary fire is a single medium-speed shot, whereas holding down secondary fire means that you can charge up multiple charges into one more powerful shot that does radius damage. You can collect up to 4 powerups (for 5 power levels). Dispersion Pistol, Vortex Rikers
Automag, NyLeve's Falls
Automag: Although the Automag is an early-game weapon, it remains useful throughout the mission. It is an instant impact weapon and (in primary fire) is highly accurate. Primary fire is a medium-rate instant-hit bullet projectile, whilst secondary fire sees the gun running in a rapid-rate sideways carriage which is much faster but soon becomes hopelessly inaccurate. The Automag has a variety of uses including opening destructible containers, dealing with weaker enemies or sniping at larger ones. Don't disregard the Automag simply because it's weapon number two.
Stinger: The Stinger fires volatile tarydium shards. In primary fire it has a nailgun-like rat-a-tat-tat action that fires a continuous stream without pause to reload. In secondary fire it fires clusters of five spreading shards with a slow reload speed. Whilst primary fire is of limited use as creatures dodge quickly, secondary fire is highly effective for taking out larger creatures like Skaarj in the early stages of the game. Secondary fire however becomes useless and wasteful at anything greater than point-blank range, since the shards spread so much. You can feel free to use the Stinger as it has a fair ammo capacity.
Stinger, Ceremonial Chambers
ASMD, Depths of Rrajigar
ASMD: The simply named ASMD (God only knows what it stands for) is a directed energy weapon that has three firing modes. Primary fire is a pinpoint-accurate instant-impact energy jolt that can take out a creature a mile off. Good against Skaarj as they can't dodge. Secondary fire is a slow-moving energy projectile that does considerably more damage (including some splash damage). The third firing mode is the so-named "ASMD Combo", in which a secondary fire projectile is struck with a primary fire bolt. The resulting explosion has a short axial range but deals a large level of damage over a large radial distance. All three modes have their uses; really the ASMD is a weapon with a learning curve, one that you have to figure out for yourself. But it is weapon you will grow to love...
Eightball Gun: The Eightball Gun is Unreal's take on the classic rocket launcher. In primary fire, it fires simple rockets; hold down fire to load up to six then release to fire them off in a spread. Secondary fire lobs grenades; again, hold down fire to load up to six. You can also fire rockets in a tight circle; to do this, press and hold down secondary fire whilst loading rockets with primary fire. Also, centre over a target for long enough without loading rockets and the gun become a heat seeker... ouch. Bear in mind that the rockets move slowly and are easy for agile enemies to dodge; in some ways secondary fire (which does more damage) is better against Skaarj because they find bouncy things harder to anticipate and avoid. Where primary fire really shines is against Titans, whose large bulk makes them easy to target and too hulking to dodge. Overall, a weapon with many uses...
Eightball Gun, Dark Arena
Flak Cannon, Harobed Village
Flak Cannon: The cumbersome Flak Cannon is probably, in terms of brute force, the most effective weapon in your arsenal. Primary fire sends out a spread of high-speed shrapnel with some considerable whacking power, while secondary fire sends out a heavy explosive shrapnel bomb for short medium range targets. Both modes are highly potent at de-fleshing your enemies, which is good. The weapon is plodding but the power of its shots more than makes up for this weakness. You may find at first difficulty in deciding which firing mode to use, but as you gain experience you'll do it instinctively. It's a fun weapon to fire, and is extremely effective. What more could you want?
Razorjack: A Skaarj hunting weapon, the Razorjack fires spinning sirated razor blades. These blades ricochet and thus can be hazardous but they have a very focused damage point and thus can be used to accurately shoot creatures in the head (for more damage or even a decapitation). Primary fire is a basic razor launcher. In secondary fire, the weapon tips on its side and you can gesture with the weapon to exercise some control over the razors' trajectory. This is the one attack of all the weapons that I have never really used, because the limited control is not worth the delay innate in tilting the gun to use this firing mode. You may find a use for it though...
Razorjack, ISV-Kran Deck 4
GES Biorifle, Terraniux
GES Biorifle: The GES Biorifle fires volatile Tarydium Sludge. It is the ultimate recycling weapon, firing waste products... anyway, at first glance it seems gimmicky and pointless, but once you get to know it there is actually quite a good weapon here. Primary fire shoots globules of sludge that stick to walls and explode on contact with organic tissue. Secondary fire can charge up to five shots at once before letting rip in a giant globule. Either mode can be used to either mine passageways or to completely bombard some unfortunate creature who happens to be in the way. The damage soon mounts up to a kill. What you should never do is use the GES Biorifle whilst moving forwards or at point-blank range, because you will be slimed by your own sludge. Overall, the GES Biorifle is another learning weapon... if you're any good, you will ultimately grow to love it.
Rifle: The long and spiky Rifle is the ultimate accuracy weapon. In both modes it fires a single instant-impact slug of extreme accuracy that can easily be used to decapitate enemies. The secondary fire key is used to toggle a sniper mode zoom lens, perfect for removing the limbs of Krall from a distance. The effectiveness of the Rifle seems to improve dramatically if you aim for the head, so you should always aim for that part of the enemy's body. Not all creatures can be decapitated, but those that can are Skaarj, Krall and Mercenaries (Nali too but who'd want to decapitate them?). You can also remove Krall's legs if you're good. Have a play, and get to know this gun. It will be your friend.
Rifle, Bluff Eversmoking
Minigun, Foundry Tarydium Plant
Minigun: The Minigun is a very wasteful weapon - I don't use it too often because it guzzles my Automag ammo. In primary fire it fires a steady stream of bullets (minimum of five for a press of the trigger) with a fair accuracy but to fairly poor effect for its ammo consumption. In secondary fire it is more useful; ammo consumption is still obscene but it dishes out the damage at an incredible rate (once it has accelerated to its higher speed) albeit at a lower accuracy.
Combat Assault Rifle: The CAR is one of the special Terran weapons found in Return to Na Pali. It is a funky device with two distinct firing modes and an incredible capacity of 400 rounds. In primary fire it is a high accuracy, instant impact machinegun. Nothing special but extremely effective. In secondary fire it creates a small instant impact explosion by firing off 5 rounds at once. Both modes have their uses, and the primary fire mode is extremely useful for sweeping over hard to target enemies like the Marines. A weapon that is great fun to use with some very satisfying sound effects.
Combat Assault Rifle, Glathriel Village
Grenade Launcher, Neve's Crossing
Grenade Launcher: The Grenade Launcher is an ugly and cumbersome weapon that is nonetheless capable of plenty of nuking. Another of Return to Na Pali's Terran weapons, primary fire lobs a bomb that explodes either on impact with a creature or after an in-built delay if no impact is made. Secondary fire lobs a bomb that, if it fails to hit anything directly, stays dormant until another impact or explosion or until secondary fire is pressed again on a remote control. Both modes are useful, secondary fire being gimmicky but still having an application (you'll discover as you play), for example detonating mid-air or as an enemy is running past. Note that if a grenade is caught in the explosion of another it too will detonate for more damage.
Rocket Launcher: The last of Return to Na Pali's Terran weapons, the Rocket Launcher fires... rockets. These are fast moving rockets, but their kick is not as subsantial as that of a well-placed eightball. The rockets leave a large smoke trail and can be difficult to follow, but can be quite powerful if they hit as planned. Primary fire simply launches rockets, while secondary fire launches rockets that can be guided by gesturing with the gun. I don't tend to use this as it requires me to take my aim off the target, I prefer simply to lay in with primary fire.
Rocket Launcher, UMS Prometheus


Dispersion Pistol Powerup, Velora Pass
Dispersion Pistol Powerup: This energy pod is not strictly ammo but instead is used to permanently improve your Dispersion Pistol primary fire. Power One (not powered up) is a weak blue projectile launcher (1 charge a shot) with a capacity of 50. Power 2 is a yellow projectile launcher (3 charges a shot) with a capacity of 60. Power 3 is a green projectile launcher (5 charges a shot) with a capacity of 70. Power 4 is an orange projectile launcher (6 charges a shot) with a capacity of 80, and power 5 is a pink projectile launcher (7 charges a shot) with a capacity of 90. These improvements are impressive, but the rate of fire does decrease as you increase the shot power, and the rate of recharge decreases the higher the total charge currently on board. Collecting Powerups when already on power five fully recharges the pistol.
Clip: These Clips are found in pairs and provide a total of 20 rounds of ammunition for your Automag and Minigun, up to a maximum of 200. Clips are small and are thus often found tucked away in corners. Keep your eyes open...
Clip, Rrajigar Mine
Tarydium Shards, NyLeve's Falls
Tarydium Shards: These Tarydium Shards are found in clusters of 40. They provide useful ammunition for the Stinger, up to a maximum capacity of 200. The Stinger is a useful light-duty weapon so be on the look-out for these objects.
ASMD Core: ASMD Cores are power cells for the ASMD directed energy weapon. Each core provides 10 rounds, up to a maximum capacity of 50 rounds. For some reason ASMD Cores are frequently found in barrels in hidden underwater tunnels within Nali water temples.
ASMD Core, Chizra - Nali Water God
Eightballs, Ceremonial Chambers
Eightballs: Eightballs are ammo for the Eightball Gun. Eightballs are found in cans of 12 scattered around the locations, which you can collect up to a maximum capacity of 48. For some reason when you approach a can it pops up and rests on a ring of stalky things. Don't ask me why.
Flak Shell: Flak Shells are ammo for the cumbersome Flak Cannon. Flak Shells are sometimes found single in the earlier maps such as "Harobed Village". It doesn't seem much but one Flak Shell can do a fair amount of damage.
Flak Shell, Harobed Village
Flak Shells, Harobed Village
Flak Shells: Ammo for the Flak Cannon can also be found in boxes of 10. You can collect Flak Shells individually and in boxes up to a maximum capacity of 50. A box of 10 Flak Shells is a valuable item as it is sufficient ammo normally for two to three kills.
Razor Blades: Razor Blades are ammo for the unusual Razorjack weapon. These boxes of ammo are relatively rare and each contain 50 Razor Blades which you can collect up to a maximum capacity of 75. For some reason as you approach the top lifts up. Don't ask me why.
Razor Blades, Temple of Vandora
Tarydium Sludge, Temple of Vandora
Tarydium Sludge: This waste product of Tarydium processing is used as ammo for the GES Biorifle. Found in 25kg cans each providing 25 rounds, up to a maximum weapon capacity of 100 rounds; sludge is fairly common and thus you needn't go too easy on use of the GES Biorifle. Note that on DMTundra this item is referred to as a GEL Cartridge. It is no different.
Rifle Round: These individual items each provide a single round for the Rifle. Once again this may not seem very much, but remember that two shots to the head can decapitate a Krall. Anyway, collect these when you see them because they soon build up.
Rifle Round, The Sunspire
Rifle Rounds, Nagomi Passage
Rifle Rounds: Ammo for the Rifle can also be collected in boxes of 8. These boxes are very valuable because you can kill four Krall or at least two Skaarj with that much ammo. You can collect Rifle Rounds up to a maximum capacity of 50, more than enough for some flying heads...
Bullets: Bullets are ammo for the Minigun and Automag. A single box of bullets provides 50 rounds for either weapon, which you can collect up to a maximum capacity of 200 rounds. Remember, shots from the Automag are each worth considerably more in terms of damage. The choice of which gun is entirely yours.
Bullets, Chizra - Nali Water God
CAR Clips, UMS Prometheus
CAR Clip: Funnily enough, the CAR Clip is ammunition for Return to Na Pali's Combat Assault Rifle. CAR Clips are generally found in the UMS Logistics drop boxes and in crates on board the UMS Prometheus; each clip contains 50 rounds towards your 400 round maximum capacity. There are plenty of CAR Clips to go round, so don't be afraid to make full use of the Combat Assault Rifle's power.
Grenades: Grenades are ammo for Return to Na Pali's Grenade Launcher. Once again, Grenades are found in the UMS Logistics drop boxes and on board the UMS Prometheus. Each box contains 10 Grenades towards your maximum capacity of 50.
Grenades, UMS Prometheus
Rockets, UMS Prometheus
Rockets: Rockets are ammo for Return to Na Pali's Rocket Launcher. Rockets too are found in the UMS Logistics drop boxes and on board the UMS Prometheus, although they are less common than CAR Clips and Grenades. Each box contains 10 Rockets towards your maximum capacity of 100.


Assault Vest: The Assault Vest is your basic suit of armour, giving you 100 points of armour protection. Assault Vests significantly increase your resistance to injury, which as you can imagine in Unreal is a good thing. It is always a good idea to keep tooled up with armour, so make sure you include plenty of exploration in your travels as Assault Vests are often a little off the beaten path. Rrajigar Mine and Chizra - Nali Water God for instance both have Assault Vests in secret areas, as does Bluff Eversmoking and several others.
Assault Vest, Ceremonial Chambers
Kevlar Suit, MotherShip Lab
Kevlar Suit: Kevlar Suits are a fairly basic armour item. Collecting a Kevlar Suit will provide you with another 100 points of armour protection. Kevlar Suits can be used on their own, they have much the same effect as Assault Vests, but the key advantage is that you can have both at the same time for double the armour protection. Definitely no bad thing.
Toxin Suit: Toxin Suits can function as a very weak armour (50 points of weak protection), but their key function is to protect you from toxin attacks. This means that a Toxin Suit renders you invulnerable to engine coolant and slime, as well as protecting you from Slith saliva and Tarydium Sludge. This often means that you can take a dip in some slime (especially on the ISV-Kran) to pick up extra items. Pretty good, you say, but bear in mind that if you take damage the suit is soon worn out. Note that you can't carry a Kevlar Suit and Toxin Suit at the same time, one replaces the other.
Toxin Suit, Terraniux Underground
Asbestos Suit, Foundry Tarydium Plant
Asbestos Suit: Where the Toxin Suit renders you invulnerable to slime, the Asbestos Suit renders you invulnerable to damage from lava. Until something damages you and the suit is destroyed. Like the Toxin Suit, it offers 50 points of very weak armour, but this does not make enough of a difference for it to be worthwhile as armour. There is also a disadvantage that an Asbestos Suit and Toxin Suit or Kevlar Suit cannot be worn at the same time; one replaces the other. Only used in Return to Na Pali.
Shield Belt: Shield Belts are very powerful armour items. Upon collection of a shield belt, you gain 100 points of invulnerability. Whilst under the influence of a Shield Belt, you do not lose any health and all of your existing armour remains undamaged. A Shield Belt is a very useful item to collect before going into a tough fight, as it really can make the diffeence between killing and... being killed. When there is a Shield Belt on offer, always make sure you get it, because it is extremely useful.
Shield Belt, Rrajigar Mine
Power Shield, Demon Crater
Power Shield: A Power Shield is the ultimate in protective kit. A Power Shield, as opposed to a Shield Belt's 100 points of invulnerability, gives you 200 points of invulnerability. Extremely powerful but consequently very rare, I think there is only one in the single player game, at the Demon Crater. What's even better is that you can carry a Shield Belt and a Power Shield at the same time for even more protection.