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Links and Files


Links and Files

UnrealSP.Org Files & Affiliates

UnrealSP.Org files and sites linked to UnrealSP.Org as part of a wider community.

Team UnrealSP - Site for the unofficial Unreal sequel project, "Unreal: Battle for Na Pali".
UnrealSPVault.Org - The best place to download Unreal and Unreal Tournament single player maps. (out of order)

Unofficial Unreal Enhancements

The sites below host enhancements for Unreal and Unreal Tournament that will get you the best performance from your single player maps for these two games.

OldUnreal - Smirftsch's site is home to the famous Unreal 227 project, an unofficial patch that fixes many issues and introduces previously unseen features for mappers. Additionally OldUnreal has spawned the Multimedia patches; their OpenGL support gives fast, colourful rendering for optimal visuals, whilst the OpenAL / FMOD support creates real 3D sound in Unreal and reinstates long-lost features such as reverb. Multimedia patches are available for both Unreal and UT.
UTGLR - Guaranteed to provide the fastest OpenGL renderers available for Unreal Tournament. Essential download!
Oldskool - Usaar33's Oldskool is an excellent plugin for Unreal Tournament that provides full single player support and other enhancements. Get it if you do not have it already.

Official Unreal Files

The patches below represent the most recent official enhancements for your Unreal software. You'll get the best performance out of the game if you update to the latest one.

Unreal Patch 226f - Official final patch for Unreal. Improved Glide performance, and renderers for Direct3d and OpenGL. We recommend combining it with OpenGL renderers from OldUnreal.com.
Return to Na Pali Patch 226b - Updates Return to Na Pali to version 226b and includes the Unreal Gold interface. This patch fixes the black tree bug in Direct3d.
Unreal Gold Weblinks Patch (226b) - Updates Unreal Gold to the latest version of the software, fixing a weblink in the interface. Unreal Gold patches are not cross-compatible with other Unreal releases.
Unreal Tournament Patch 436 - Get best performance out of your Unreal Tournament Single Player maps. We recommend combining it with OpenGL renderers from UTGLR or OldUnreal.com.
UnrealEd 1.0 beta fix - Install this file if your UnrealEd 1.0 as shipped with Unreal fails to start up.

Unreal Sites of Special Interest

The sites below are miscellaneous pages of unique interest to Unreal fans, be it archive Unreal material, or even a map of the game.

Blinded by Reality - Gamespot's article on the four year genesis and creation of Unreal. A fascinating read with rare screenshots.
Masstadon's Unreal Site - The main pull of Masstadon's fan site is a map of the Unreal world composed from screenshots. Nobody has attempted this before. (archived on oocities.org)

Unreal News & Resources

The sites linked below provide news and resources for the Unreal series.

Hyper.nl - All the resources a self-respecting Unreal single & coop player should need.
BeyondUnreal - The leading player in the Unreal community. The forums a recommended hangout.
PlanetUnreal - Another leading Unreal community site. Several hosted sites, though it may be tricky to find them due to their age.

Level Editing Sites

These sites are helpful for anybody learning to map with UnrealEd.

UnrealEd Wiki - An online community-based project to accumulate tutorials. Contributions welcome.
Wolf's Unreal Engine Editing - Old-school UnrealED 1.0 tutorial page. The basic knowledge learned can be easily applied to UnrealEd 2.0 as well.