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Coop Server Guide


Coop Server Guide


First of all let me ask you, how often do you play coop?

If you answered regularly or often you might find this information useful, especially if you host or plan on hosting your own servers. If you answer rarely or never your missing out on a lot (unless your a dm fanatic, lol).

Unreal Coop servers are a rare breed today.

With rapidly developing technology its nearly amazing that a game made almost four years ago could still remain active in the multiplayer community. The greatest thing Unreal had and the reason people still play it today is its single player game.

This guide is for you people that have ever found themselves playing a coop game that has been radically altered (or subtlety). The first thing that usually comes to mind is "How did he do that?" This guide will attempt to explain everything you could possibly see in these situations and show you how to do it yourself on your own server.

This tutorial is designed to help the average computer user (Unreal Player) understand the logistics of running a listen coop server. Many of the settings discussed are done so in terms easy for the non-geek to understand. As the guide progresses the terminology does as well. This tutorial is a learning process and is designed to be read from beginning to end. The settings used for many examples are samples of the author's own material he makes full use of online. It is the reader's discresion whether or not to use the actual data.
Please note that all functions discussed in this guide were tested on Unreal v225f. The author, nor does UnrealSP.org claim responsibility for any undesired operation due to use on any other versions other than 225f.
Dana "zynthetic" Ssick nor UnrealSP and its staff and affiliates claim no responsibility for any undesired operation due to the misuse of the following tutorial.
This tutorial assumes you have experience playing Unreal single player and coop. It also assumes you have some knowledge of computer organization and functional use.

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