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Coop Server Guide


Coop Server Guide

Section Four: Advanced

you will be able to:
make players/monsters/projectiles glow
change the gravity, floor friction and gamespeed
make monsters harder

This section will cover the following:

special effects
difficulty settings

Special Effects

This is the section that will help you separate your server from all of the others. It's all about the special effects. Get monsters to look like ghosts, slow motion and moon like gravity, special light effects are just a few things that I'm going to expose for you. Lets start with appearance styles. There's three major types; Normal, Modulated, and Translucent.
Normal is... well normal. Below is an example of the other two
We can make any pawn do this. Projectiles, monsters, yourself, its up to you.
Did you like seeing the NaliPreist Ghosts? Well you can make your own, kinda...
set nali style sty_translucent
That will make a normal Nali look like a ghost. You'll still collide with him though.
See the DoItYourself guide for reference.
Lets change the appearance of the model itself
set nali drawscale 0.3 (default=1)
heh, who'd a thunk it? midget nali...
he could use a little extra touches though
set nali fatness 190
Yep, now we have a transparent midget nali with a weight problem.

Modified Nali
Modified Nali

Did low gravity catch your eye?
This is pretty simple. Note that this will change the gravity for the entire level. If you plan on doing this for levels that have different gravities (DM-Ariza) this may cause problems.
set zoneinfo zonegravity (x=0,y=0,z=-200)
(x=0,y=0,z=-950) is normal. This affects all pawns, you, monsters, projectiles...

We can also make the floor slick. This, again will cause problems in levels that have differing ground frictions (DM-Tundra).
set zoneinfo zonegroundfriction 0.3
(4 is normal) this will have you, your clients and monsters sliding around the ground.

Slow Motion has to be the easiest thing you'll ever do.
slomo 0.5
That will slow the game down to 1/2 speed, as 1=normal and 2=2x normal speed (turbo).
Here's another interesting thing you can do

Make Pawns Glow

Glowing Krall
Glowing Krall

That's right, anything can emit light. In this example we'll be using colored light on the Female1 class.
There's quite a few lines for this one, and all of them are required.

  • admin set femaleone lightbrightness 255
  • admin set femaleone lighthue 0
  • admin set femaleone lightsaturation 0
  • admin set femaleone lighteffect le_nonincidence
  • admin set femaleone lightradius 3
  • admin set femaleone lighttype lt_steady
This will make anyone (except bots, they have separate classes) using the female1 model emit dark red light in a small circle. Lightbrightness sets the intensity of the light. Light hue is the color (the the
DIY Guide for reference). The light saturation controls how much color is used. For instance if you wanted white (no-color) light use 255 for lightsaturation. The light radius is just that many people get this confused with brightness but this controls how far the light goes. 3 is a small, about amplifier bieng used, size . 5-7 is what I'd say medium. 10 and up is very large.
Lighteffect is a certain type of light, from torches to halos. Lighttype is a pattern (I'd say) of how the light is displayed, from strobe and pulses to steady.

Difficulty Settings

What makes Unreal more difficult? Would it be more monsters, smarter monsters, or stronger monsters?
Well if you want more play it on Unreal difficulty. That will increase their aggressiveness as well.
What we can do to increase the difficulty further is increase the following:
speed, health, melle attack damage, projectile damage (or change projectiles).
Here is an example from one of my mods

  • admin set skaarjwarrior projspeed 2500
  • admin set skaarjwarrior groundspeed 1200
  • admin set skaarjwarrior health 2100
  • admin set skaarjwarrior jumpz 500
  • admin set skaarjwarrior RangedProjectile queenprojectile
  • summon queenprojectile
-Notice that I summoned a queen projectile. If I did not do this the skaarj would not fire anything because the projectile would not be loaded in the current level. If you change projectiles to anything that doesn't exist in the level you need to summon them to use them.
Monster projectiles are controlled differently. As in ours the speed is controlled by the projectile, monsters control their own projectile speeds. That would bring us to the projspeed command. Same as the groundspeed, this controls how fast the monster will travel on the ground. Fish and birds have similar commands for flight and swimming. Health is kind of obvious. Jumpz controls how high the monster can jump. RangedProjectile is kind of like a weapons projectile class, it controls what the monster's projectile is.
This is where this section gets difficult. Each monster has its own specific attack commands. You'll have to dive into UEd to see them (for the time being). Add the monster you plan on modifying then select it's properties. In the dialog box there will be a section for that specific monster (IE: if your looking at a tentacle the section will be called tentacle). This is where you'll find the default info on that monster as well as the special commands to use. For instance instead of having "clawdamage" the tentacle has "whipdamage". You'll need to substitute the correct command for each monster you're doing.

SkaarjWarrior's individual properties

note: all of the skaarj (not skaarjtrooper) use the same commands as above.
For my skaarj I increased the damage of his three melee attacks as well.

  • admin set skaarjwarrior clawdamage 200
  • admin set skaarjwarrior LungeDamage 300
  • admin set skaarjwarrior SpinDamage 160
Well that's all for now. I may revise this later and add more stuff. I have a feeling there's much more I could add but from here on it's up to you, as an admin, to figure this out on your own. All it takes is a little time in UEd and not being afraid to experiment. Remember it's up to you what goes on in your server but please try to use this information responsibly. It is designed to make Unreal fun to play and the misuse of this information in these tutorials can really hurt the game. To clarify any misunderstandings please read through to
Coop Etiquette if you are unsure about what goes too far.

Now go spread the good word of the lord,
because from this day forward, you are GoD.
(well at least on your server:) )

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