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Coop Server Guide

Section Three: Intermediate

you will be able to:
toggle exec files on and off
change the projectiles of certain weapons
change the damage done by weapons

Topics covered by this section

advanced execs

Advanced Execs

I have this problem. I've made a couple mini mods but they include a lot of exec files. What do I do?
A good example for this is changing the Player's/monster's style (sec4-1). There's three different types. There's normal, translucent (transparent), modulated, and masked. That means we need to dedicate three buttons to these commands. That really sucks.
But we can make life much easier!
Since these are all related to each other we can dedicate one button to all three. How? Simply make this a toggle/rotating function (toggle= on/off, rotating= on1, on2, on3, ect.., off.).
Lets make our own exec files to demonstrate this.
Open Notepad and type:

  • set input end exec rotate2.txt
  • fly
save it as rotate1.txt
  • set input end exec rotate3.txt
  • ghost
save it as rotate2.txt
  • set input end exec rotate1.txt
  • walk
save it as rotate3.txt
Now open user.ini, find end and set that to:
end=exec rotate1.txt

Now off you go. Play Unreal.
Press end, you'll be in fly mode. Press it again and you'll be in ghost mod. Press it a third time and you'll be back to normal (walking).
What we just did was change our key configuration using an exec file. It's a good idea to make exec files that have something in common a toggle or rotating function. This eliminates having to use separate keys for each one.

There is one other responsibility to do this.
Yes, this means that there is a bug to tackle. You may experience undesired results (your exec files may not seem to be working right) if you make them toggle/rotating.

There is a simple explanation for this. Unreal keeps your current key config between levels and when you exit the game.
This means if you were in ghost mode when you exited Unreal, the next time you started you would have to push end twice to get fly mode. Why is this?
It's kind of like leaving a room with the light on. When you come back you can't turn the light on because it already is. If you want to turn it on you have to turn it off first. Just like when we restarted Unreal our key config said "exec walk.txt". When we pressed end it didn't seem to do anything.
To make our lives even easier lets allow ourselves to be notified of what we're activating. Open up rotate1.txt and type in the second line (yes that's important).
say fly
in rotate2.txt type 2nd line:
say ghost
in rotate3.txt type (2nd):
say walk

Now you'll be notified (you will say it in the game) of what your activating.


One might think that a close up shot of a flak cannon does more damage than that of the razorjack. This is somewhat of a half truth. In Unreal it currently does but it isn't the weapons that do the damage. With the exception of the automag, primary asmd, minigun and rifle all the weapons in Unreal don't do any damage at all.
The actual damage is caused by the projectiles that come from them.
Currently (I'm doing research) there are five weapons we can play with. We can make them fire different projectiles. We can also change the appearance and damage of the projectiles themselves.
These weapons are:

  • Dispersion Pistol (dispersionpistol)
  • Stinger
  • ASMD (secondary only)
  • Razorjack
  • GES Biorifle (gesbiorifle)

Projecile changes
Projectile changes

We're going to change the projectile fired from one of the above weapons. I'll use a common example, I see this done quite often.
set stinger projectileclass dammo5
set stinger altprojectileclass tazerproj

Take a look at the
DoItYourself Guide in the projectile section to see a list of relevant projectiles. Remember you can mix and match these projectiles with any of the above weapons using the projectileclass and altprojectileclass commands.
A warning about using monster's projectiles. Some of them spawn further back than normal. This means that you will hit yourself if you fire them while moving forward. Use them with caution
(I am currently looking into this but for those of you that know your stuff; the z coordinate in fire offset needs to be changed)
Please note when using projectiles: If the projectile does not have a reason to exist (if the original weapon isn't in the level or in your inventory, or if the monster that fires it is not in the level) you need to summon it once. If you do not, you will not be able to fire anything.
If you make an exec file with projectiles for each weapon you've made your own minimod. Remember you can make it a toggle function if you make another exec file with the original projectiles for each weapon in it (toggle: sec3.1).
We can also change the appearance of the projectiles. I've started to see this function pop up pretty recently amongst servers.
Lets say we wanted to change our dammo5 projectile in our stinger to look like a nali bringing death to your victims ;)
We'd do something like this:
set dammo5 mesh nali1
There are special cases where you will not see anything when you fire. This means the the mesh isn't loaded into the current level. If you experience this simply summon the item/creature that specific mesh belongs to.
This is where UnrealEd comes in handy. There are way too many meshes to list here. What I suggest you do is fire it up (UEd) and find one you like. You can do this by first, building a cube (the texture doesn't matter). Then select classes and add decorations or pawns (only one at a time to keep things neat, delete ones you aren't working with). If you find one you like r-click and select properties. You'll see a section called display. In display there will be mesh, that's it. It will probaly read like LodMesh'UnrealShare.Nali1'. In most cases you only need to type Nali1. In other (rare) you may need to type UnrealShare.Nali1 Now pick one for yourself and try it out.
You can change the mesh on every projectile (you can make the eightball look like its firing something else). There may be a problem with the way it looks. It may be too big/small, transparent or it gives off a glow. This is all discussed in sec4.1. It deals with changing all the above.

Flying Nali of death

Now lets change the damage our projectile does.
This should take care of it
set dammo5 damage 100
Just to let you know the default for dammo5 is 40. If you create a toggle function you'll have to dip into UnrealEd yourself to get the default statistics. I may make a complete table one day but Doing It Yourself is half the fun.

While we're on the topic of damage, lets set our instant-hit weapons.
For the asmd we would have to type
set asmd hitdamage 50
-default is 35
There are a few other things we can do with projectiles to make them different.

The speed and MaxSpeed can be altered to change the, uhh.... speed. MomentumTransfer is a nifty thing. Increasing it to around 90000 will have odd effects on targets unfortunate enough to be hit with said projectile. ExploWallOut is the damage it does to explodable walls.

Projectile properties dialog box

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