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Coop Server Guide


Coop Server Guide

Section Two: Basics

you will be able to:
summon items and weapons quickly
set ammo and item charges
execute console commands by 1 keystroke

Topics covered by this section

binding keys


What is the easiest possible way to summon weapons?
We've all done it before. Sat around summoning all the weapons in Unreal. That usually involves a lot of typing and takes quite a bit. The smart thing to do would make an exec (section1.2) file.
We cannot, however, make one with all the weapons in it. This is very important.
There is a bug in Unreal that will not let you summon more than three weapons in one space. If this occurs the weapons will continue to respawn infinitely (bad). Make three separate exec files for all the weapons. Since there are nine weapons (10 really but you start off w/ the dispersion pistol) we can put three in each.
Make the following exec files

  • summon automag
  • summon stinger
  • summon asmd
save as weap1.txt
  • summon flakcannon
  • summon eightball
  • summon gesbiorifle
save as weap2.txt
  • summon razorjack
  • summon minigun
  • summon rifle
save as weap3.txt
Remember to stand in different places when executing these files or you'll place weapons six in the same spot.

Good weapon placement

Binding Keys

from this point on we no longer want to remember the names of our exec files. We'll just have too many to remember.
Open your User.ini found in your Unreal\System folder.
This is your config file. It contains all the key configurations you use. We want to find a set of keys we don't use (even if its assigned already). I use the numpad for exec files. In this example we will be binding our weapon execs to the numpad.
First take the exec file(s) you want to bind (weap1.txt, weap2.txt, weap3.txt) and assign them to "ready" keys.
example: it should look like this

  • numpad1=exec weap1.txt
  • numpad2=exec weap2.txt
  • numpad3=exec weap3.txt
now save.
We no longer have to open the console and type anything. We simply push Numpad1-3 to summon our weapons.
Keep this in mind for any future exec files you make. Remember, you can bind any exec file to any unused key.


Now that we have all our weapons what do we do about ammo?
Depending on what type of game you want to create this is up to you. Weapons already respawn so players can get full ammo for each weapon if they want. This could make for decent medium paced games. What if you want a faster paced guns-always-blazing game?
You can set the general ammo amount for the weapons with the command
set ammo ammoamount (number)
This will set they ammo for every weapon to the same amount. So the eightball will have as much ammo as the minigun. Take note that the number must be between 1 and 99,999.


Goodie bag

The same can be done with items also. First you should summon all the relevant ones.

  • summon shieldbelt
  • summon powershield (didn't know about that, huh?)
  • summon armor
  • summon kevlarsuit
  • summon searchlight
  • summon amplifier
  • summon scubagear
  • summon dampener
  • summon invisibility
  • summon jumpboots
Now what do these all have in common (besides being items)?
They are all "charged" items. Unlike the Fruit Seeds, Flare, and Force Field that are one shot, these items can be turned on and off.
To make them last longer we can simply increase (or if you want decrease) their charges. do this by:
set (item) charge (number)
My current setup looks like this
  • set armor charge 500
  • set kevlarsuit charge 1000
  • set shieldbelt charge 2000
  • set powershield charge 2000
  • set jumpboots charge 9999
  • set amplifier charge 9999
  • set dampener charge 9999
  • set scubagear charge 9999
  • set invisibility charge 9999
  • set searchlight charge 9999
To make things a little easier we can add that into the same txt file we have our items summoned on. Keep that in mind. It's a good idea to put the summoning classes and set the properties for those same classes in the same txt file. This saves space on your keyboard as well.
that should last players quite a while.
...but what if it out lasts the players. What if even with all the armor and firepower your clients are still getting murdered?
They need more...


Here we are going to alter the health for you and your clients. Note that this doesn't affect the health of any of the monsters.
set human health (number) This will set the health of any players using the Female1, Female2, Male1, Male2, Male3 player models to the specified number (default is 100).
set skaarjplayer health (number) This will set the health of any players using the SKTrooper as their player model.
set naliplayer health (number) This will set the health of any players using the hidden Nali Playermodel.
It is important to use them all if you plan on modifying health. Clients will be annoyed if all the other players have an advantage as big as this.
This is where things get a little buggy. Now that we're altering general properties instead of specific ones you may start to see lots of error messages. Most likely if you use the above you'll see "error: naliplayer class undefined" or something similar. This wont screw your game up. Unreal is just telling you that the naliplayer is not in the current game (no one is using it). This is nothing to worry about.

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