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Level Design


This section of the site is devoted to covering the minutiae of single player mapping. The most recent additions to this section are Mister Prophet's detailed tutorials on specific aspects of single player mapping (this site does not, however, purport to offer detailed coverage of all areas of the art at present). You will also find a couple of older articles on the subject, as well as a selection of the handiest mapping tips our forums have come up with. To have your own level design questions answered, register at our forums and drop into the Level Design board, where our regulars and staff will be pleased to help. If the answer is a really useful tip, it may get added here!

Prophet's Mapping Tutorials

Your Friend, The Ice Texture NEW!
Level Design for Dummies - Part 1 of 3
Lighting for Dummies
Anatomy of a Boss Fight

Older Articles

Making a Single Player Map - by Drevlin and eVOLVE.
Mapping for the Coop Gametype - by Techno JF.
Conceptual Grandness - by Hellscrag.

Tip Collections

General UnrealEd Tips - Handy facts about general use of the editor.
BSP Tree Tips - How to design good BSP into your map.
Texture Alignment Tips - Nifty techniques and features for aligning textures.
Lighting Tips - Special techniques for lighting your map.
Sound Tips - Ambient sounds and their many cousins.
Creature and Pathing Tips - Things you might not know about Unreal's creature classes, and how to make them use your map well.
Decoration Actor Tips - Specific decoration actors or decorative meshwork in general.
Trigger Actor Tips - Facts about the various Trigger classes.