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This is the archive of community interviews undertaken by UnrealSP.Org since the site opened, originally by Hellscrag and now by our new staff interviewer Reciprocity. These will hopefully be added to more frequently from now on.

Interviews undertaken:

Date Interviewee Title Interviewer
18/09/06 NEW! Alexander Brandon A Conversation With Alexander Brandon Unreal Unreal Tournament Frieza
07/04/06 FXD|Shadow FXD|Shadow speaks about LSoNP in greater detail Unreal Tournament Reciprocity
25/01/06 Turboman Fuego in Unreal Unreal Reciprocity
18/01/06 Kaka Kaka on The Chosen One Unreal Tournament Reciprocity
28/09/05 Mr. Prophet Residual Decay: Mr. Prophet talks weapons Unreal Tournament Reciprocity
16/08/05 Hellscrag Discussing Battle for Na Pali Unreal Tournament Reciprocity
16/08/05 Sarevok / UArchitect Inside Broken Alliance Unreal Tournament Reciprocity
04/08/05 TheEmperorStalwartUK TheEmperorStalwartUK Discusses Various Projects Unreal Reciprocity
22/07/05 Skaarj Slayer An interview with Skaarj Slayer Unreal Tournament Reciprocity
16/06/05 UArchitect UArchitect on Dark Territory Unreal Tournament Reciprocity
12/06/05 Mr. Prophet Mr. Prophet on Residual Decay Unreal Tournament Hellscrag
13/09/04 Mr. Prophet Mr. Prophet talks about 7 Bullets Unreal Tournament Hellscrag
12/09/02 Mr. Prophet / Hourences Hourences and Mister Prophet talk about Xidia Gold Unreal Tournament Hellscrag
19/11/01 Willis An interview with Hellscrag and Willis Unreal Tournament Hellscrag