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Snigma has taken over the fan fiction reviewers mantle from Karmadude (Karmadude's reviews can be found here). This is the place where we hope to amass a large repository of the best Unreal fan fiction stories on the net. Hope you enjoy what's here and keep checking back - we aim to update regularly. All stories hosted on this domain are reproduced with their respective authors' permission. The review schema is explained here. Scores are out of 10.

Reviewed Fan Fiction

Story Title:


UnrealSP.Org Score:

Kran's Fall: Kira's Struggle Noailiat 8
Avenging Angel Noailiat 7
Survive It! Toblerone 6

Unreviewed Fan Fiction

This page will also now feature a list of fiction still to be reviewed, sorted by author name. This list is not currently exhaustive and will be expanded upon. To submit your fiction, mail it to Hellscrag in document or link form via the team page - note that we only cover fiction set in the world of Unreal, not Unreal Tournament. Some of these links are off-site, so we cannot guarantee their soundness.

Story Title:



Ochre CyMek No
Brink of Extinction Frieza No
Starfire Glyn Collinson Yes
Lone Survivor Isaac1st tbc
Marine Destiny Isaac1st No
Kira's Journey JohnMC tbc
The Next Time We Meet Kajgue No
Teach 'em a Lesson Legendslayer222 No
Jones, the Hardened Marine Lightsource tbc
Original Return to Na Pali episode Lightsource tbc
The One Who Survives Mister Prophet Yes
Lux Moojuice Nne of the Mayonnaise Yes NEW!
Through NicolasEymerich No
Mishra's Descent Noailiat Yes
Luca's Awakening Noailiat Yes
The Search Noailiat Yes
Battle for Nalipal Noailiat Yes
Original Unreal episode Pushka tbc
Unreal: What Did I Do to Deserve This? Slim Dim tbc
Perpetual Plummet SP2000 No
Unreal TheScreamKiller tbc
Story of my Life WhirlWindWabbit No

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