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UnrealSP.Org 8th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest

Tenth Place: "SpeedFall" by Shivaxi

Title: SpeedFall
Author: Shivaxi
Category: 6 Hour Ultra-Speedmaps


One of the four super-short maps done for the contest. This one is hilarious: be ready to make a really, really long fall down to a piece of earth, trying to land on the water possibly. But watch out: you may hit one of the numerous Birds and die. These flying guys finally get some use in an Unreal map. Once you land, get the Stinger and be massacred.

Good use of birds and funny level if you want to make a long fall.



SpeedFall is an admirable effort to get into the speedmap competition.

Given an "A" for team spirit but that is about the extent of it. Shivaxi obviously has mapping talents... however they are not truly demonstrated here.



A six-hour map with a definite "WTF" and "LOL" factor. The player undertakes a skydive, and must use air control to avoid a flock of killer birds to land safely in the pool below. If the player prevails, there's an optional, absurd combat against a huge number of enemies followed by a scripted scene at the end... of sorts! There's no particularly accomplished design here, but it's pretty amusing anyway.


Final Score:

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