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Featured Articles


Featured Articles

Any articles that don't fit anywhere else go here! They are presented in chronological order, most recent first. Be sure also to check the Level Design area for some very thought-provoking articles on building your own Unreal and UT SP maps.

Current Features:

UnrealSP.Org 10th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest - The judges' verdicts of the 10th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest entries.

UnrealSP.Org 8th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest - Counting down the results of the Eighth Anniversary Speedmapping Contest.

The History of UnrealSP.Org by Hellscrag - Looking back on four years of history.

Déjà Vu v2.01 Critics' Choice Awards by Hellscrag - A report on the result of the Déjà Vu v2.01 Critics' Choice Awards, as polled on our forum.

ONP Map by Map Critique by Hellscrag - Mini reviews of each map in the recently released UT SP mod Operation Na Pali.

ONP Speedrun Guide by MMAN - A guide on how to achieve the speedrun times for each level of the successful Operation Na Pali mod.

Unreal Music Track by Track by Hellscrag - A track by track critique of all the music from Unreal and Return to Na Pali.

Na Pali: Broken Preview by Hellscrag - A preview of a once upcoming UT SP pack from Willis Unreal.

Coop Etiquette by Naveed - A view on how you should, or shouldn't, behave on public coop servers by a former resident reviewer.