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News Archive December 2006

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Unreal Tournament EXU2: BATSHIT INSANE demo released 28 December 2006 Hellscrag

EXU fans, prepare yourself for Lord Waffnuffly's Christmas present to the Unreal Single Player community: EXU2 - BATSHIT INSANE. As ever, the mod comes with severe health warnings, and rather than attempt to summarise this devilish creation for myself I will allow Lord Waffnuffly do the talking.

Site News Unreal Tournament Unreality Episode One reviewed 14 December 2006 Hellscrag

MMAN decided to tackle Tygra's inpenetrable map pack Unreality Episode One and ended up giving it a roasting. You can find his entertaining review here!

Unreal Unreal Tournament Unreal Tournament 2004 Hourences level design book released 10 December 2006 Hellscrag

It's been a quiet month in the news, but I can now announce that Hourences' level design book has now been released! If you'd like to read about mapping from the perspective of a master, and feel like supporting Hourences in his enterprise, you can buy the book in printed or electronic forum at Hourences' web site.

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