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News Archive December 2005

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Unreal Tournament Projects advance towards completion 27 December 2005 Hellscrag

I hope everyone's had a good Christmas. In case you're feeling a bit flat in the aftermath, kea had the following good news about SP2D on the forums earlier today:

"Yes, about 80% complete. It needs 1 last map to be done (WIP), 1 little intro between 2 maps and 1 tiny flyby from UArchitect. :)"

And if that wasn't enough, Kaka competes with the following:

"The Chosen One is now about 80% complete."

Good news all round. Could we yet see another major project released in 2005?

Site News Unreal Tournament New Operation Na Pali review 18 December 2005 Hellscrag

The time finally came for me to rewrite my review of the longest map pack of them all, Operation Na Pali. You can find the review here - and no, it's not 100% this time!

Site News Unreal Tournament UnrealSP.Org welcomes Bond Designs 05 December 2005 Hellscrag

mrbond113 and his team have made the wise decision to move their forum hosting to UnrealSP.Org! The forum for the developers of Devastation can now be found here, and mrbond113 is wasting no time in posting information about the mod.

Unreal Tournament Lost Secrets of Na Pali site opens 04 December 2005 Hellscrag

The Lost Secrets of Na Pali site has opened to the public and can be found here. Although the site is mostly in German you can still use it to check out screenshots released to date and other media. Take a look!

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