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News Archive December 2004

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

New Project: SP2D 31 December 2004 Hellscrag

A mapper called kea has started work on SP2D, an unusual sideways-scrolling, 2D version of Unreal set in a polar region of Na Pali. More information and a screenshot of this interesting project can be found on the Upcoming Maps page. kea is also looking for help from mappers in building the mod, and would welcome your help if you'd like to volunteer.

More Small Map Releases 24 December 2004 Hellscrag

Small map releases are appearing over the place at the moment! Raven popped up on our forums with Heart of Chizra, a small map made a few months ago and now outfitted with an intro and extro, and Sanastro released Tarydium Arena, a "set piece" combat map featuring lots of Skaarj and a Stinger. Meanwhile, in case you missed it on the forums last month, evil_blue_dude released his first serious attempt at an SP map, Karjalgaa're Passage (click here to download or here to comment). Season's greetings from all the UnrealSP.Org crew!

Small Map Release 20 December 2004 Hellscrag

Kaka of upcoming projects The Chosen One and Skaarj Evasion has released a small single player map as a Christmas present to the Unreal SP community. The short map, entitled Passage of Vandora (not to be confused with the similarly titled map in 7 Bullets), can be downloaded in RAR format here; there's also a forum thread for feedback.

New Upcoming Map 16 December 2004 Hellscrag

TheEmperorStalwartUK has begun a less ambitious project to replace Return to Mars. Labyrinth of the Darkness casts the player as a rogue Skaarj infiltrating the Skaarj homeworld on a mission for the UMS. More information is available via the link on the Upcoming Maps page, along with a few (currently unlit) screenshots.

Upcoming Maps Update 14 December 2004 Hellscrag

It's not great news, unfortunately. As well as the recent cancellation of Operation I_I, Fashahhh's promising city-themed map pack Amnesiac has gone on hold, potentially for a few months. Hopefully there will be life in this project yet! Meanwhile, in better news, UnrealSPVault.Org is now back online (at least for most of us, depending on DNS updates), and the service it provides should only improve from here on out.

Vault Downtime 12 December 2004 Hellscrag

You may find yourselves unable to access pages at UnrealSPVault.Org for a few days. This downtime is scheduled, due to server work, so there is no cause for alarm.

7 Bullets Reviewed 5 December 2004 Hellscrag

I've played hard in order to bring you this prompt review of 7 Bullets. To read my thoughts, remembering that the pack has been reviewed using the new schema, click here. Afterwards, should you have anything to add or disagree with, I'm sure that Team Red Nemesis would welcome your opinions on the 7 Bullets forum.

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