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News Archive December 2002

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Merry Christmas! 24 December 2002 Hellscrag

Merry Christmas to those of our readers who celebrate it, from all at UnrealSP.Org. There will be probably no news updates over the next couple of days whilst we celebrate the holiday, but we'll be back with the news after Boxing Day.

Tygra releases an SP map 21 December 2002 Hellscrag

Tygra has released a single map that was originally going to be part of a larger pack. The UT SP "Tygranian Outpost" requires the AgentX mod to play; said 4Mb mod can be downloaded via Tygra's site.

UT2003 bonus pack to feature Unreal monsters 21 December 2002 Hellscrag

Cliff Bleszinski has revealed that the Epic bonus pack for UT2003 will feature a new gametype "Invasion" in which players band together against a force of creatures from Unreal. Sounding a lot like the Monster Madness mod for UT, this gametype should give us SP fans more fragging fun.

Xidia Gold review update 16 December 2002 Hellscrag

Thanks Usaar33 for pointing out that the old pics we were using for the Xidia Gold review were out of date, not showing the new HUD and other visual enhancements. I have taken new pics, and the updated review can be found here.

Spatial Fear receives further attention 16 December 2002 Hellscrag

Mr. Prophet also felt moved to review Spatial Fear. His commentary has also been added to the second opinions. To make the page more readable, I have adjusted the formatting of the second opinions section just for that page. It should make Drevlin's review a lot more readable, as well as Mr. Prophet's.

New fan fiction review 14 December 2002 Hellscrag

Resident fanfic reviewer Enigma has turned his attentions to Toblerone's Unreal story Survive It. The story is worth a read; find out more by taking a look at Enigma's review.

Spatial fear now re-reviewed 14 December 2002 Hellscrag

Rather than wait a few days, I decided to re-review the pack myself, having seen it through to completion. The updated review can be found here, along with Drevlin and eVOLVE's original text as a second opinion. I'd like to apologise to the SF team for publishing an inappropriate review. Hopefully we can move on now.

Xidia Gold review... and second opinions 14 December 2002 Hellscrag

Team Phalanx's Xidia Gold has finally been reviewed, thanks to a guest review from SarevoK, and got itself a handy 9 to match the original Xidia. In addition, second opinions have been added to both Xidia Gold and Spatial Fear: Prologue.

Spatial Fear will be re-reviewed in a few days 14 December 2002 Hellscrag

My apologies to the SF team for posting a review written by someone who had not finished the mod. A review by a reviewer who has completed the pack will be available in a few days. Until then, the existing commentary stands, but cannot be considered a review of the full pack.

Spatial Fear reviewed 13 December 2002 Hellscrag

Drevlin, one of the founding team of this site, paid a return visit to the community to play and review the recently released Spatial Fear: Prologue. His review scored the map 5, although I found a 7 more fitting in my second opinion comment. The review, which raises many very good points, can be found here.

Spatial Fear released 10 December 2002 Hellscrag

Spatial Fear: Prologue has now been released! We have been following this UT total conversion for some time and it is good to see it go public. You can download it now from the Spatial Fear site - the file clocks in at roughly 97Mb in size.

Spatial Fear soon 10 December 2002 Hellscrag

To those eagerly awaiting the release of Spatial Fear: Prologue, the mod is quoted on the site as being "just hours away". Not long now...

UnrealSP now hosting forums 9 December 2002 Hellscrag

If you are developing a single player Unreal related project and believe that you would have use for a forum relating to your work, then we might offer you hosting. If you would like to enquire further, contact me through the team page.

Spatial Fear today? 9 December 2002 Hellscrag

Today, as you may remember, is the supposed Spatial Fear release date. Will we see the mod? Keep an eye on the site for updates.

New forums now open 8 December 2002 Hellscrag

The new UnrealSP.Org forums are now available here, hosted on our very own server. Unfortunately, all users will have to re-register their accounts, but after that the forums should be more reliable than what we had before. Please stop by and post!

Forums shafted 7 December 2002 Hellscrag

Okay - having had our forums messed with by our hosts for about the fifth time, I am giving up on hosting with Bombardiers / Teamfusion. To transfer forums would require yet another re-import and re-registration of all user accounts, so I may as well set up a forum myself - it'll take me a while to get my own forum software installed, so watch this space. Thankfully, I was prepared for this, and already have a database in place.

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