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News Archive December 2001

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

More news from TeamVortex 30 December 2001 Hellscrag

TeamVortex have been updating again. In addition to a couple of new before-and-after pics, they have now released a 1:38 minute trailer for Operation Na Pali.

Monster Hunt UT mod 30 December 2001 Hellscrag

Monster Hunt is not really a SP pack as such. It is a single player based team mod for Unreal Tournament that is a little like coop with bots, using its own specially designed maps. Beowulf contacted me about it and while I haven't played it myself, you might want to check out the site. A full version is now available.

Spatial Fear exclusive at PlanetUnreal 27 December 2001 Hellscrag

Surf into PlanetUnreal for four new exclusive Spatial Fear screens. Looking pretty good :).

Spatial Fear and Operation Na Pali updates 27 December 2001 Hellscrag

I'm back on the updates now, and am pleased to report an update from the Spatial Fear team. Good progress is being made on the maps, and code is supposedly coming on nicely. TeamVortex have also been updating. Recent updates include a call for help, a screeny of their new palm tree in action, and some interesting facts about the amount of mappage seen so far in the project. Keep 'em coming. Oh yeah and... The Landing lives! It has been re-added to Upcoming Maps because slow work is once again being done on it.

Christmas draws closer 21 December 2001 Hellscrag

Season's greetings from the UnrealSP.Org team! :)

Na Pali: Broken overhaul 16 December 2001 Hellscrag

Willis is building a new first level for Na Pali: Broken. The first map, Hantar's Cliffs, is being binned. There are two new (dark) screenies on his site. The whole project is undergoing an overhaul to get it moving more quickly.

A bit of news and a new review 15 December 2001 Hellscrag

Naveed's "Snowy" single player pack has been put on hold for now and has thus been removed from Upcoming Maps. More cheerful news is that Willis submitted a guest review of my own pack "The Landing Unfinished", and gave it a nice score :). The review is in the usual place.

New Skull pics 10 December 2001 Hellscrag

TheChief7's site has been updated with some new pics of "Skull". Check 'em out.

Site & mappage updates 07 December 2001 Hellscrag

A reader was good enough to let me know that our Unreal Patch 226f link was broken. This has now been fixed. Also, in terms of mappage on the web, recent updates have been at Willis Unreal, with two new screens of Na Pali: Broken, and Team Vortex, with a before and after screeny showing improvements to Tonnberry's mercenary base.

Updates to MMAN UGITU's review content 04 December 2001 Hellscrag

I've been talking to MMAN UGITU about his review scores being overrated, and moderated scores have been uploaded for Jiganara 3. In addition, his review of Gramercy is now available for your reading. If we can get past teething problems with the scores, he may get a more full-time position with the team as reviewer.

Nali Chronicles at it with the updates 03 December 2001 Hellscrag

Nali Chronicles posted a couple of screenies the other day but they were a little unimpressive. However, a couple more have been posted now and are looking rather nice. It'll be interesting to see if this pack turns out to be a success, or a mess.

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