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Site News New Forum Address 11 November 2007 Hellscrag

The forums have been relocated due to database problems over at hellscrag.net. Our longest-serving members will recall something like this happening before back in 2003 - but, this time, the forums are back where they belong, on UnrealSP.Org itself rather than another domain. The old forums remain open, but locked, for archive purposes, at least for the time being.
Although all of you will have to re-register and start with post-counts of 0 (noo!), this relocation could actually be a blessing in disguise. I have been wanting to do it for a while. The old forum database was getting too big, and the server was a bit unrealiable. Hosting the forums here at unrealsp.org paves the way for a more dynamic, forum-based news-posting system to be implemented at some point in the future, which will make it easier for UnrealSP.Org team members other than myself to post news and may allow user comments on news posts.
Here's to a brave new start for the forum community. Let's hope that no permanent harm is done.

Site News Forum Problems 11 November 2007 Hellscrag

We seem to be having a technical problem with the forums. It is likely that this is being caused by one or more locked database tables. I am looking into the problem, and the making of new forum posts has been temporarily disabled.
Should I be unable to fix the problem easily, a fresh forum database shall be started here on unrealsp.org itself.
The leaders of any hosted forums should take this opportunity to back up any crucial information being stored on private forums.
Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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