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News Archive November 2004

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

7 Bullets - More Download Options 30 November 2004 Hellscrag

7 Bullets can now be downloaded from Nali City, or for those of you who are big fans of Torrent downloads, from Filerush. Enjoy!

7 Bullets Released on UTCMS! 30 November 2004 Hellscrag

The much-anticipated 7 Bullets was released last night via UTCMS - you can download the 134MB zip file here. UTCMS can be slow, so those of you on high-speed broadband may want to wait until it pops up on Nali City, or until the Torrent version becomes available. Stay tuned to the thread for more download options.

7 Bullets Delayed 25 November 2004 Hellscrag

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers. I'm afraid todays news isn't much of a present for you all: 7 Bullets has had to be delayed due to problems with the grass code. However, Mr. Prophet hopes to release the pack on Sunday, after he has returned from a temporary absence. Fingers crossed!

Mappage Update 24 November 2004 Hellscrag

UArchitect's project Dark Territory is currently on hold due to other commitments, but do not despair! All things going well, 7 Bullets may be released tonight as Team Red Nemesis' Thanksgiving gift to you all!

Another Upcoming Map Pack? 20 November 2004 Hellscrag

The community has good SP projects coming out of every pore at the moment! Latest on board is lvr-rpnt, whose upcoming Unreal SP project Hard Crash has just been announced with only about a month to go before release! For more information on this surprise announcement including a link to several pics, visit Upcoming Maps.

Community Updates 17 November 2004 Hellscrag

In addition to the news previously reported on The Chosen One, other developments today include a new page at BeyondUnreal ModWorks for 7 Bullets, giving some details on the gameplay and a few screenshots, some of which are familiar. Finally, fiction writer Noailiat has announced that work has commenced on his sixth Unreal story, Battle for Nalipal. According to Noailiat, "It's off to a promising start and will hopefully be an interesting and entertaining read."

The Chosen One pics 17 November 2004 Hellscrag

Kaka posted eight new screenshots of the upcoming map pack The Chosen One. The screenshots show a nicely designed sky island with a number of sky vehicles docked around it - definitely worth a peep.

7 Bullets: "Everything 100%" 13 November 2004 Hellscrag

According to Mr. Prophet's latest progress report on the forums, "Everything=100%". 7 Bullets is "going through the final tests" and will be with us very soon.

Cloudless Sky 12 November 2004 Hellscrag

GTD-Carthage has been forced to abandon his project Darkcloud due to the ambitious concept being impractical in the face of Real Life time constraints (don't you just hate those?). Instead, he will be working on a city-themed SP pack still with the episodic concept. Notch up another upcoming urban SP series for the list!

Site Updates 7 November 2004 Hellscrag

The review pages have all been updated to integrate with UnrealSPVault.Org's new file system. Due to the Vault currently being unable to host larger files, this has introduced further dependencies on the archives at BeyondUnreal and OldUnreal - so props to these guys for bailing us out. As ever, we do our best to preserve our own online archive, but resources are always limited.

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