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News Archive November 2001

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Mappers requesting beta testing 27 November 2001 Hellscrag

The mappers of two of our listed Upcoming Maps are currently looking for beta testers. TheChief7 has released a beta of the first level of his "Skull" pack and is looking for the public opinion on it. In the mean time, Waffnuffly posted this thread on our forums looking for people to beta test his "Attacked!" pack. Surf on in if you're interested.

Maverick releases a flyby 24 November 2001 Hellscrag

Maverick has released a small small flyby demo of part of the second map of his SP pack. Worth a look if you have a moment :).

Shamu Quest reviewed 24 November 2001 Hellscrag

Most of you probably know of the Sbegin series of maps released by El Chicoverde and already reviewed here. These maps are part of his Shamu Quest saga. However, the first maps in the Shamu Quest series were released longer ago in a less well-known pack which never made it onto Nali City. I have reviewed this pack of three gargantuan maps, you'll find the review in the usual place.

Breaking news: Ortican released! 24 November 01 Hellscrag

Hourences has finished his mammoth single player map Ortican. You'd better head on over to the site and get downloading now!

Recent mappage updates 23 November 2001 Hellscrag

Team Vortex have been churning out more screenies over the last few days. Bigger news is that Waffnuffly has done a major update with six new screenshots of his Attacked! pack. Check 'em out :).

Legacy finally reviewed 21 November 2001 Hellscrag

Legacy has finally been reviewed, thanks to Zynthetic. Its creators should be pleased with the score. For this review I have also piloted a "second opinion" scheme that we were planning a while back, for I had a few comments of my own to add. We may get some more second opinions up on some of our older reviews soon.

Willis interviewed 19 November 2001 Hellscrag

To give all you hungry readers something to devour, Hellscrag of UnrealSP.Org and Willis of Willis Unreal (who is currently working on an upcoming UT single player map pack "Na Pali: Broken") have interviewed each other for this site. They discuss the Unreal community as a whole, mapping projects, and the future of Unreal now Unreal 2 is on the horizon. Click here to read the feature.

More news and yet another upcoming map 19 November 2001 Hellscrag

Today's biggest news comes from Waffnuffly. As well as completing another map of his Attacked! pack, (the final pack should be released mid-December), he has informed us that as well as beginning his forthcoming planned pack "Earth Assault", he will also be working on a short (currently unnamed) map pack for Return to Na Pali. This has been added to the Upcoming Maps page. In other news, Nali Chronicles has ditched a couple of their more basic screenies in favour of some nicer pics showing improvement on the same map. Finally, Maverick has churned out a bunch of quite nice new screenies of his pack. It's encouraging to see such good progress being made and maybe, some day, we'll get to play some of this stuff :).

Another upcoming map! 14 November 2001 Hellscrag

EddX got in touch to announce an UT SP pack he is working on, called "Zero Black". It looks to be an inventive concept, and is now on the Upcoming Maps page. EddX is also looking for people to beta-test the first map of the pack.

Apologies... 12 November 2001 Hellscrag

...for breaking the site for a couple of hours today. My bad. Anyway, the new layout should work now.

Mappage updates... and testing a new look. 12 November 2001 Hellscrag

First of all with the mappage news. A recent update at Spatial Fear describes some code modifications being made by the team to make their pack that bit more different from Unreal, and Waffnuffly has been on the forums again telling all that his Attacked! pack draws closer to completion, to be released next month. In the mean time, how do you like the backdrop? The backdrop is optimised for 1024x768, like the rest of the site, and I dread to imagine how it looks on a higher resolution... but I don't know how many people run in 1280x960 or greater. Feedback to the forums please!

New upcoming map 11 November 2001 Hellscrag

That's right folks; Naveed is working on a new SP pack set in a snowy setting. There is no site for it yet, but you'll find an early pic on the Upcoming Maps page.

Maverick and TeamVortex churning out updates 11 November 2001 Hellscrag

Team Vortex and Maverick's site have both recently been updated with screens and news. It seems that good progress is being made on both projects.

News of Na Pali: Broken 10 November 2001 Hellscrag

Willis and the Na Pali: Broken team have been quiet for a while - but now they have some big news for us. Hard work is being done and there will be a demo available in a couple of weeks. It will apparently include a Nali boat ride, a temple of the skies, and a mine level boasting a very original idea. I await with anticipation...

Change to Upcoming Maps 07 November 2001 Hellscrag

I had a curious request; that Upcoming Maps be sorted alphabetically rather than by which is most news-breaking. The request implied discrimination where there really was none, but I'll not argue with the viewers... so the page is now in alphabetical order.

Upcoming Maps update 06 November 2001 Hellscrag

I have updated Upcoming Maps to include Hourences' sweet new UT SP map "Ortican", which has popped up out of nowhere and is currently at a late beta stage. I also shuffled the page again to place the more news-breaking maps at the top.

Updates from the usual quarters 06 November 01 Hellscrag

Scarcely a day goes by now without an update from Team Vortex, who have posted about their new flying ship map to replace the one seen on the demo. Maverick also shows progress, releasing a whole bunch of new screenshots. Meanwhile, Hourences has posted on our forum about an SP map that is now at beta stage, known as "Ortican". Some of us are giving it a run through and it's looking sweet...

We have files! 05 November 2001 Hellscrag

It's not ideal but downloads for Unreal maps in the reviews section now link directly to their FilePlanet locations, while UT SP maps link to Nali City's new file store. When Nali City, which has been hurriedly moved to BeyondUnreal, restores the download links for Unreal maps, our links will be shifted back there. Unfortunately, Thrall Village has vanished into the ether. UnrealSP at present does not have space to host the pack itself, and will not do until I pay our hosts more money. Which I will have to do eventually but will not do yet. Please let me know if you find it anywhere.

Another update 04 November 2001 Hellscrag

TheChief7 has posted a couple of new screens of Skull on his site; some interesting ideas coming along there.

Site news and mappage updates 04 November 2001 Hellscrag

It has been brought to my attention that since Nali City moved to BeyondUnreal and had their filestore deleted by the folks at GSI, our download links are now broken. I will remedy this soon. In other news: Spatial Fear have updated their site with some character model screens. Meanwhile, Team Vortex report further progress made and a rebuild of their flying shuttle map. MMAN UGITU has posted a new screeny on his site, and Waffnuffly announced on our forums today that he has been making a bit more progress on his Attacked! pack. This is a pack that will hopefully be finished soon if Waffnuffly gets round to it.

Another review 01 November 2001 Hellscrag

MMAN UGITU did another review, this time of Jiganara 3. You can find it in the usual place.

Spatial Fear screens 01 November 2001 Hellscrag

Spatial Fear have posted two more early pics of further areas of the science levels. Enjoy...

Site news 01 November 2001 Hellscrag

We have another guest review pending from MMAN UGITU, it should be up later today. In the mean time, it is my job to tell you that we won't be seeing team member Techno around for a while - but don't worry, he is in one piece, he just has some stuff to sort out and will be out of the scene for an at the moment undefined period of time.

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