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News Archive October 2007

Unreal Tournament UT99 Extension Pack Basic Edition released 21 October 2007 Hellscrag

FXD|Shadow has announced the release of the first edition of the UT99 Extension Pack. A download link can be found at this forum thread. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what this release represents, FXD|Shadow has summarised it as follows:

"The UT99 Extension Pack is an independent collection of new features for the UEngine1. It's aim is to provide any mapper and/or developer, developer team and coders with new and fresh extensions like Emitters, Overlayers for Meshes, Lensflares, Beams, Util Classes (for further developing) and more. It contains mostly features the community was already missing and talking about from other (UEngine-)Games. The pack comes in 3 different Editions mostly for providing functionility for every Platform and giving a specialized field of users that what they want (Basic Extensions, specialised Extensions, Mod/Total Conversion aimed Extensions). The Basic Edition contains most common features like Emitters and Dynamic Coronas, it's completely UScript-side. The Plus Edition contains a huge load more features and specialized features and then finally the Pro/Custom contains hardcoded C++ Stuff (Hardware Bloom, Radial Blur, Static Meshes...), extended Physics and so on. I really hope this'll give many developer teams more possibilities to make interesting and unique mods and total conversions for UT99 in the future".

Unreal Tournament BfNP Music Release 07 October 2007 Hellscrag

If you head over to the Team UnrealSP web site, you can now download two of Frieza's original musical compositions for Unreal: Battle for Na Pali. Enjoy!

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