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News Archive October 2004

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

First peek - "Amnesiac" and "DarkCloud" 31 October 2004 Hellscrag

Happy Hallowe'en! As a gift for you tonight, the first in-game pics of Fashahhh's "Amnesiac" and GTD-Carthage's "DarkCloud" have been made available, and now appear on the Upcoming Maps page. Fashahhh's pics in particular (an additional one is available on the forum thread) show an innovative take on a theme - in this case, a dusk / daylit cityscape that looks considerably more interesting than many of the city scenes in the otherwise excellent Deus Ex did, even though the detail is incomplete and the lighting temporary.

Mappage Roundup 26 October 2004 Hellscrag

It seems that no SP mappers are running their own web sites these days, but I can give you the latest info from recent weeks' developments on the forums. Firstly, GTD-Carthage has announced Darkcloud, an episodic UT SP pack now in development; Turboman continues to impress with images of his Flamethrower and Dragon for Firestorm; N-Team's practice map pack The Sundered Realms has grown to over 30 maps in size; Iron Ian has released a demo video for Operation I_I featuring some of his newly scripted additions; Fashahhh has announced the title of his city-themed pack as Amnesiac and has come up with a storyline; UArchitect's Dark Territory continues to make good progress; and finally, 7 Bullets is over 97% complete and will be with us soon! Links to development threads for all these projects are available on Upcoming Maps, which has received a general update to reflect the latest progress, but what's really needed is for five of the newer projects to generate some screenshots.

Forum Update 22 October 2004 Hellscrag

Just a quick note of thanks to TheEmperorStalwartUK for completing our set of UnrealSP.Org themed forum icons, rendering the forum graphics now wholly customised.

UnrealSPVault.Org V2.0 Goes Live 21 October 2004 Hellscrag

Our sister site UnrealSPVault.Org has undergone some massive changes. zynthetic has done a fantastic job overhauling both the look and usability of the site. In line with these improvements, the Vault forums are now hosted on our main forum site, so that you no longer have to register two separate accounts.

Site Updates 19 October 2004 Hellscrag

Map of the Week number ten is online. This is the last MOTW I shall post regular news about - you all know about it by now - but the MOTW threads will continue to be run on a weekly basis on the forums (now on Mondays). Additionally, the Creature Guide has finally been updated to correct the term "Pack Hunter" to "Predator."

Ninth MOTW 13 October 2004 Hellscrag

Map of the Week number nine is "The Thrall Village - The Farms" by Daniel Norton, from Thrall Village. Whilst it's an obscure map this week, we'd still like you to air your views on the forums!

Skaarj Tower - Shadow and Fire Updated 10 October 2004 Hellscrag

Drew's recent release Skaarj Tower - Shadow and Fire has been re-released, fixing a variety of issues including, particularly, the error experienced by Direct3D users in the first version. Unfortunately, the map pack will now only operate on UT or Unreal 226f or better. The new version can now be downloaded from Nali City.

MOTW and General News 6 October 2004 Hellscrag

Map of the Week number eight is "Foundry Tarydium Plant" from Return to Na Pali. Whilst it's been a quiet week on the major news front, I'm pleased to report that 7 Bullets grows ever nearer, with the maps and skins 95% completed and just about everything else fully prepared. UArchitect is also making good progress on Dark Territory and hopes to release a playable demo before too long.

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