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News Archive October 2002

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

New Nali Chronicles site goes live 30 October 2002 Hellscrag

The new Nali Chronicles site is here. It boasts a much nicer visual design, although the collection of screenshots is much unchanged. The site reports that the mod is well on track for its undefined release date.

New Nali Chronicles site will be here soon 29 October 2002 Hellscrag

I noticed at Nali Chronicles that their new site design is almost ready to go live. Seeing as there's so little news around at the moment, let's keep an eye on this one. There may be a good report on this mod's progress forthcoming.

Team Phalanx interview 24 October 2002 Hellscrag

Unrealism have interviewed the guys from Team Phalanx about Xidia Gold - the interview can be found here. In additional news, we might be seeing the final Xidia Gold patch this weekend.

More SP reviews at Lightning Hunter's site 20 October 2002 Hellscrag

Lightning Hunter has reviewed a few more maps at his SP site. Check 'em out for a few less well-known titles.

Xidia Gold receives an award... 15 October 2002 Hellscrag

The Mod Database have awarded Xidia Gold the "Dedication Award" for hard work put into the mod by the developers Team Phalanx. Congrats, guys. The ModDB info page can be found here.

Another Spatial Fear trailer 10 October 2002 Hellscrag

Following the success of their first release, another trailer has been released by the Spatial Fear team. This trailer consists of actual in-game footage, so for those of you dying to see this new mod, head over to their site to download over two minutes of action.

Site update 7 October 2002 Hellscrag

With the release of Unreal Tounament 2003, the "What is Unreal?" page has received a long-overdue update with a new screenshot and updated information. Aside from that, there is little news around at present to report!

Spatial Fear trailer released 4 October 2002 Hellscrag

The Spatial Fear teaser trailer has been released. More information, plus the trailer itself, can be found at the Spatial Fear site.

Nali Chronicles news 4 October 2002 Hellscrag

Nali Chronicles has provided a long overdue update. It seems that the mod will be completed "Some time soon", and will be released for UT, rather than being ported to UT2k3.

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