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News Archive October 2001

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Another review 31 October 2001 Hellscrag

MMAN UGITU has been expressing interest in joining the team to review some of the older, more forgotten Unreal single player maps in the Nali City database. For now, he has done a guest review of The Rescue of Panunu, which can be found in the usual place. If he joins the team, we can expect a few more of these reviews of older maps :).

News now archived 31 October 2001 Hellscrag

The site news is now archived by month, so the front page should hopefully download faster for low bandwidth readers. Hope it helps :).

Game guide updates 29 October 2001 Hellscrag

I tweaked the Game Guide section. I added a couple of minor things to the Walkthroughs that it's not worth my listing in detail... I also updated the "What is Unreal?" page with greater depth on the upcoming titles in the Unreal series.

News from MMAN UGITU 28 October 2001 Hellscrag

MMAN UGITU has resumed work on his horror pack, which now has the title "The Beginning". I have updated Upcoming Maps. Good to see progress being made!

Maverick updates 27 October 2001 Hellscrag

Yes yes, I know, three news posts in one day, but this bit of news slipped my attention. Maverick has been working hard on his map pack, and has posted some nice screens of the second map in the saga. He has also named the individual maps, but the overall pack remains unnamed. Check into Maverick's site for cool screenies now! I also put one of the screenies onto the Upcoming Maps page because the new ones are much nicer.

New map in the works 27 October 2001 Hellscrag

TheChief7 is working on a new UT single player pack - it's always good to see new material under construction. The map has been added to the Upcoming Maps page, along of course with a screenshot and a link to his site. I also did one of my occasional reshuffles of the page that places the most news-breaking maps at the top.

Cleanout update 27 October 2001 Hellscrag

Drevlin has updated the Cleanout site with a few cool new terrain shots you might want to take a peek at - this upcoming project popped up out of nowhere and should be interesting when it's completed. By the way, you may have noticed this news page is getting kinda long, well I'll be splitting it into archived months soon for bandwidth's sake.

Mappage updates 26 October 2001 Hellscrag

Spatial Fear, aka Kenophopia, have posted a couple more interesting images on their site over the last couple of days. Meanwhile, Team Vortex have updated with a picture of a new palm tree Akuma has produced for the pack. Pah, I liked the old one :P - but I guess the new one is nice too!

Kenophobia gets a new title 25 October 2001 Hellscrag

Kenophobia has been updated again announcing the project's official title; "Spatial Fear" is now the name of the game. Upcoming Maps has been updated accordingly.

Kenophobia site updated 24 October 2001 Hellscrag

It's been a while, but Kenophobia has been updated with a few shots and concept renders. I also heard that the team are going to really press on with the publicity now - so hopefully we can expect more updates soon.

Small news updates 21 October 2001 Hellscrag

Team Vortex are giving Operation Na Pali a new HUD, and continue to churn out news. Meanwhile, Nali Chronicles has a couple of new shots, of a level which is being built by Willis - I didn't realise he was on their team :).

Exclusive Release! 21 October 2001 Hellscrag

For anyone who followed the development of my pack The Landing and was disappointed when I pulled the project, you can now download what I have completed, fully playable and all tied up in a suitable way, presently exclusive to this site. I hope you enjoy it, and I am sorry it never got done (nor will it be). You can download the 5.86Mb file (including music) here. If anyone on the staff wants to review it, they are welcome to do so.

Forum switch 20 October 2001 Hellscrag

UnrealSP.Org is now running VBulletin forums hosted, perhaps ironically, by http://www.unrealtournament.org. If over the next few days you find any pages still linking to the old EZBoard, please let us know. Thanks!

Quick update 19 October 2001 Hellscrag

The_Culture of project Kenophobia sent me in a new shot to replace the old pic on the Upcoming Maps page. It shows a corridor in the Science Level of one of the space ships. Looks like good progress is being made on the project.

New review 19 October 2001 Hellscrag

Yes - that's right - a new review! I reviewed Thrall Village, the review can be found in the usual place. Enjoy your read. And, hopefully, we will be reviewing Legacy fairly soon. But then, I have said that before :).

Major Upcoming Maps update 15 October 2001 Hellscrag

So that everybody knows what's going on in the upcoming maps world, I overhauled Upcoming Maps to include everything that's floating around at the moment, even so-far unnamed projects. It's also worth looking at to see the new shots of a couple of the existing projects that I put up.

Missing team member 09 October 2001 Hellscrag

Our fan fiction reviewer Karmadude has not been seen or heard from in over a month, since before the attacks on America. If anyone has heard from him more recently could they please let us know. We hope everything is OK with him, but if it is not, we will have to find another person to take up his role.

Mappage news roundup 09 October 2001 Hellscrag

There's a bit of news about some maps that at present we do not have enough info to show on the Upcoming Maps page. Drevlin is working on a new SP map and has posted a nice editor screeny here, while Maverick continues to build his still unnamed level. On more familiar ground, there's no stopping Operation Na Pali, which is churning out shots with alarming regularity. Finally, Nali Chronicles now has its team at full strength and should be coming on nicely now.

Screenshots and stuff 09 October 2001 Hellscrag

Sorry for being a bit behind on the news. My net connection isn't up to much at the moment, but this will be fixed soon. Team Vortex continue to update their sites with screens and news of Operation Na Pali. Nali Chronicles has a few more pics, and Willis is reporting revamping work being done on areas of Na Pali: Broken. Let us hope we get to play something new soon! By the way, at request from a reader, I will be downloading and reviewing DavidM's old map SkaarjMine :).

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