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News Archive September 2007

Unreal Tournament Antalius Video 30 September 2007 Hellscrag

Creavion has been at it again, releasing via this forum post a video of part of the second map of Antalius, which is set in a moody-looking jungle environment.

Unreal Tournament Residual Decay Screenies 19 September 2007 Hellscrag

The Red Nemesis web site has been updated with seven new in-game map screenshots plus a render of a new hand-to-hand combat augmentation, the Brass Knuckle.

Unreal Tournament Red Nemesis Site Launch 11 September 2007 Hellscrag

The online home of Team Red Nemesis, developers of Residual Decay, is now live over at BeyondUnreal, with the latest news and details of the team's past projects, plus a new patch for 7 Bullets.

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