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News Archive September 2006

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Unreal Tournament TCO Screenshots 29 September 2006 Hellscrag

In what is rapidly becoming a habit, Kaka visited the forums to show several screenshots of a new map for The Chosen One. You can find them in this forum post.

Site News Unreal Star 861 review 26 September 2006 Hellscrag

For his second review, Lightning Hunter delved into the archives to provide a long overdue review of Star 861, the first map by Hexephet and Unreal II: The Awakening mapper Grayson Edge. The review can be found here, and the map appears to have held up pretty well.

Site News Unreal Tournament New map review 25 September 2006 Hellscrag

Lightning Hunter has chosen to begin his UnrealSP.Org reviewing career by looking at The Abandoned Colony, an early map by Edward "EddX" McRobbie of Zero Black fame. The review can be found here - enjoy!

Unreal Horror Series Preview 21 September 2006 Hellscrag

A new promotional video for Horror Series: Engulfed in Darkness has been posted at YouTube. The video can be accessed via this forum thread and shows a number of new locations that are very much in the Unreal vein.

Site News Lightning Hunter to join staff 21 September 2006 Hellscrag

UnrealSP.Org forumer Lightning Hunter, who ran his own review site for a while, is to join the UnrealSP.Org staff to review some of the classic maps that, to date, we have missed out. In the mean time, Lightning Hunter has provided his own review of Sarevok's The Odyssey, which has been added to the site as a "second opinion", and can be read here.

Site News Unreal Unreal Tournament Alexander Brandon interviewed 18 September 2006 Hellscrag

Christmas has come early for Unreal music fans! Team UnrealSP music man Frieza has scored an interview with the one and only Alexander Brandon, one half of the composing team that oversaw the soundtracks to Unreal, Return to Na Pali, Unreal Tournament and Deus Ex. In the interview, the composer muses on his past work for the Unreal series, discusses the technical aspect of his composition techniques, and touches on his work for the forthcoming Unreal Tournament 2007. You can find the interview here.

Unreal Tournament New Custom Map Lists for OldSkool 18 September 2006 Hellscrag

Tired of absurdly long "Custom Maps" lists in your single player menu in Unreal Tournament? Resident forumer Lightning Hunter has put together a new set of Map Pack lists for Oldskool Amp'd, allowing map packs such as Attacked!, New Alcatraz and Shamu Quest, to name but a few, to be listed as map packs rather than individual maps. For the full scoop on this essential download, click here.

Unreal Tournament Project News 15 September 2006 Hellscrag

Unfortunately a few projects have been announced as cancelled in recent days. Dead Cow Studios have cancelled Skaarj Evasion in order to concentrate on The Chosen One, and all data for Darkcloud Rising has been lost in a hard disk failure. SkaarjOps, meanwhile, while not exactly cancelled, as been curtailed due to a lack of resources, and we can expect a release of what's been completed so far some time around Christmas 2006. Let's hope for some better news next time I post!

Unreal Firestorm Trailer 10 September 2006 Hellscrag

Turboman is wowing audiences with a new trailer for Firestorm, which shows the mod to recapture the Unreal feeling effortlessly, and includes footage of the Dragon in action. The trailer is 56k-friendly; check out the forum post here!

Unreal Tournament Code Release: RParticles 09 September 2006 Hellscrag

Regulars at the forums will know that two major particle emitters for Unreal Tournament have been in development for some time: UEmitter, by UArchitect, which is linked to the upcoming project Residual Decay; and RParticles, by Raven, which is linked to the upcoming projects The Chosen One and Battle for Na Pali. Well, mappers rejoice, because Raven's emitter has now had a public release! You can download the first public version from this forum thread.

Unreal Tournament Team UnrealSP releases pics; gains a mapper 04 September 2006 Hellscrag

Recent updates over at Team UnrealSP include the arrival of a new mapper and the release of four new, slightly WIP but previously unseen screenshots. Check 'em out!

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