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News Archive September 2004

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Short Seventh MOTW 29 September 2004 Hellscrag

Map of the Week this week is the short retail map "Velora Pass" by Jeremy War, featuring the debut of the StoneTitan. Feel free to join us on the forum for the discussion.

Skaarj Evasion News 24 September 2004 Hellscrag

Raven has posted a new thread on our forums featuring a more detailed storyline and a few preview pics of the upcoming map pack Skaarj Evasion.

MOTW Number Six 22 September 2004 Hellscrag

We're looking at a real classic on this week's Map of the Week: Pancho's NyLeve's Falls, the second level of the original game. Jump onto the forums and have your say!

Upcoming Maps Stuff 17 September 2004 Hellscrag

Upcoming Maps has had a major update, reflecting the sheer amount of creative juices flowing on our forums at the moment. Raven, Kaka & co's Skaarj Evasion gets a full mention, as does UArchitect's new brainchild Dark Territory. Meanwhile, at the foot of the page under "Also Upcoming", additions include N-Team's Necuroth, and upcoming projects / concepts from forumers Iron Ian and fashahhh (links to these projects' forum threads have been included). I think I've lapped up everything substantial now, but let me know if I've made any omissions.

MOTW Number Five 15 September 2004 Hellscrag

Now's your chance to be the critic instead of me! Map of the Week number five, as decided by the randomiser, is my very own "Leniati Island" from The Landing.

New Map Review 13 September 2004 Hellscrag

I found the time to play and review The Tragedy, a two-map pack for Unreal Gold or Return to Na Pali 226b by novice mapper Westley Merlin, which was sent to me months ago and long since forgotten about. The pack gave me a serious head-trip: for more, read on!

Exclusive 7 Bullets Interview 13 September 2004 Hellscrag

Mr. Prophet has kindly given us an exclusive interview about the upcoming "Xidia meets Na Pali" UT SP pack 7 Bullets. The interview, which covers such grounds as maps, weapons, creatures and inspiration, can be found here - it is also illustrated with five screenshots. Enjoy!

Latest Re-Review 12 September 2004 Hellscrag

MMAN UGITU is getting good at comprehensively rewriting his reviews, with GreyGore's The Rescue of Panunu being the latest target, dropping from 6 to 42%. More re-reviews soon.

Two More Reviews Updated 9 September 2004 Hellscrag

The latest maps to be re-reviewed are Chris Burgess' Gramercy, dropping from 7 to 38%, and VerMoorD's recently revived Valley of Alshar, dropping from 9 to 58%. Both reviews have been completely rewritten. It seems that modern standards have finally caught up with VerMoorD's classic, old school map pack from 1998... but that certainly shouldn't be held against it.

Updated Review and New MOTW 8 September 2004 Hellscrag

Poor Maekh will be rueing the day he made Jiganara Kingdom as a newbie, which MMAN UGITU has now tackled as his first re-review for the new schema, dropping its score from the previous 2 to a new low of 15% - still, we all had to start somewhere! Meanwhile, followers of our Map of the Week project can pop into the forums to discuss this week's map-under-the-microscope, Thra Fortress from ONP by MClane and DrPest.

Upcoming: The Sundered Realms 6 September 2004 Hellscrag

N-Team, who propose to make the extremely ambitious Unreal add-on Necuroth, are first getting into the sway of things with a practice map pack, The Sundered Realms. Fore more information and a link to the forum thread with screenshots (there is no site at this time), see Upcoming Maps.

Another Review Updated 5 September 2004 Hellscrag

The re-scoring and re-reviewing process continues with Grayson Edge's Hexephet. This time the score has dropped from 9 to 82%, in line with our new schema and due primarily to the slightly weak storyline. Since it has been revived from the dead, Valley of Alshar will probably be my next re-reviewing project.

Valley of Alshar lives again 4 September 2004 Hellscrag

Mick "VerMoorD" Beard's classic Unreal SP adventure "Valley of Alshar" has finally been fixed! The pack, which has not worked for six years since it was re-released back in 1998, is now available once more and fully playable in any contemporary version of Unreal or UT. You can grab it from UnrealSPVault.org here.

MOTW Number Three 1 September 2004 Hellscrag

Map of the Week enters its third week with a map from Operation Na Pali. Unfortunately for DavidM, it's one of his self-proclaimed "n00b maps" that's under the spotlight this week, Rostivelt Lake.

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