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News Archive September 2002

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Spatial Fear trailer coming soon 30 September 2002 Zynthetic

Word has it that Spatial Fear is scheduled to release a teaser movie Friday. The movie itself will be a 3dsMax render giving it more of a trailer feel than just a video.

Site technical update 28 September 2002 Hellscrag

I have improved the way our dynamic backdrops are coded. Rather than repeat the same scree of JavaScript in every page on the site, the JavaScript has been moved to a separate file which is called upon by all the other pages of the site. This should improve your download speed when viewing UnrealSP.Org if you are caching your downloaded files. Additionally, I have re-coded the randomiser itself in a decent coding fashion rather than a very bad hack. I will now be able to change the backdrops and number of backdrops very easily (which I have now done).

Xidia Gold patch released 24 September 2002 Hellscrag

Team Phalanx have released a patch for Xidia Gold to address the problems mentioned yesterday. The patch is 4.3Mb and can be downloaded at their site.

Bluff Eversmoking walkthrough update 24 September 2002 Hellscrag

New things are still being discovered about this game even now. There have been a couple of updates to the Bluff Eversmoking walkthrough. The first one details an Eightball gun hidden in the inner monastery. But the main one, and many thanks to Tom for sending me the details, revolves around a cleverly hidden super health pack in the hydrolaser control centre. Myscha just keeps you guessing...

Xidia Gold bugs, patch forthcoming 23 September 2002 Hellscrag

If you are stuck in Xidia Gold, you might want to check out the Team Phalanx site. Two bugs have been reported which will be addressed with a patch over the next few days.

Xidia Gold released! 22 September 2002 Hellscrag

Head over to Team Phalanx to download their new SP release, Xidia Gold. In case you didn't already know, this mod contains a tweaked version of the original Xidia combined with a new mission pack of the same name, Xidia: The Escape. A must-see for UT SP fans.

Minor site updates 20 September 2002 Hellscrag

There have been a few updates to pages of the site. The web links page has gained links to Eightball Maniac and XvPsychoticvX's sites, the ONP critique has had a couple of amendments (thanks DavidM for pointing out the factual errors), and the Unreal music critique has had a couple of changes made (thanks MMAN UGITU and Zynthetic for pointing out omissions and mistakes).

More Spatial Fear desktops 19 September 2002 Hellscrag

Check out the Spatial Fear site for the latest two instalments in their team member desktops segment.

Operation Na Pali Map by Map Critique 18 September 2002 Hellscrag

I have spent some time over the last few days constructing a critique of each map in Operation Na Pali. It takes the form of a mini-review of each map, accompanied by pretty pictures. You can check the feature out here.

Spatial Fear update 17 September 2002 Hellscrag

The Spatial Fear crew are hard at work on their mod, as the latest update of the site tells. All their coding plus two of the maps are completed, leaving just six further maps to be finished. At present, due to some departures, the crew has a vacancy for a level designer and a sound engineer. If you want to help, stop by their site. The site is also now running a daily "Team Member Desktop" segment with pics for us curious fans.

UT2003 demo released... big w00p 14 September 2002 Hellscrag

Hehe, well, given the number of sites in the Unreal community that are buzzing with this news, I thought I should compensate with an attitude of total nonchalance. For all the people who are jumping for joy, I'm happy for them. Me - I'll wait until the game goes retail (whenever that may be).

Exclusive interview with Hourences and Mr. Prophet 12 September 2002 Hellscrag

UnrealSP.Org proudly presents this exclusive interview with Hourences and Mister Prophet of Team Phalanx. In it, resident webmaster Hellscrag interviews the two mappers extrordinaires about their new Unreal Tournament single player project Xidia Gold, slated for release shortly after the imminent Unreal Tournament 2003 demo. For more information about Xidia Gold, please visit the Team Phalanx site.

Xidia Gold release date 10 September 2002 Hellscrag

The guys at Team Phalanx expect to have Xidia Gold finished by Friday. However, since the UT2003 demo is now slated for release on round about the same day, Team Phalanx will hold back release of their pack until next week to save it getting lost in the demo frenzy. At least we know for sure that we will see it soon!

Unreal and S3TC textures 9 September 2002 Hellscrag

About a week ago, Old Unreal released a program for Unreal that allows the player to import Unreal Tournament's higher quality S3TC textures into the original game. Because this modification can butcher things somewhat, in my opinion, I strongly recommend that you check out this forum thread at BeyondUnreal before making any decisions.

Xidia Gold pimpage 9 September 2002 Hellscrag

Team Phalanx have slipped their release date for Xidia Gold until next weekend, but in the mean time are keeping us occupied with four new teaser shots. As usual, looking pretty good!

Custom Map Tips section overhaul 1 September 2002 Hellscrag

Before I go on my holiday, I thought I'd present you with the new and improved custom map tips section, now enhanced with a more attractive entry page and better navigability within each set of tips. Every page of tips now has a "Quick Links" table at the bottom with links to different maps in the pack.

Forthcoming Updates 1 September 2002 Hellscrag

I'm going away for a week - news will be in the capable hands of Zynthetic and Techno. However, this means no major site updates for a while. After I return, additions to the site may include the next fan fiction review (Survive It by Tobler1) and possibly some more second opinions from Mr Prophet. We can also expect to see Xidia Gold and Xidia: The Escape in the next week or two - stay tuned.

Out with the old, in with the new 1 September 2002 Hellscrag

Many of us have in the past made use of the excellent UnrealEd tutorials found at PlanetUnreal's site UnrealEd.exe. I for one learned the basics of UnrealEd from this site. Sadly, this chapter in the mapping community's history is now closed, but don't fret; Tomasz, a.k.a. Millennium and owner of the late site, has now opened Level Designer.com, at which budding level designers for several games can find tutorials to help them find their feet.

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