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News Archive August 2007

Unreal Tournament Antalius Pics 31 August 2007 Hellscrag

Creavion has posted three pics of his Antalius UT SP project, including a screenshot of a theme previously unseen in pics of the project and some interesting renders of health pickups. Check 'em out here.

Unreal Tournament BfNP Screenies 24 August 2007 Hellscrag

Those of you who don't visit our forums will be delighted to know that Team UnrealSP has released a number of promising screenshots of the Unreal: Battle for Na Pali in recent weeks. The pics have now been added to the Team UnrealSP site - surf on over to take a look.

Site News Unreal Unreal Tournament Upcoming Maps Purge 24 August 2007 Hellscrag

The Upcoming Maps page has been purged of the various projects that have been cancelled or gone permanently silent in recent months, for reasons set out briefly on the "Deleted Items" list. The removed projects include The 7 Day Siege, Devastation, Na Pali Forever, A Second Chance for Life, SkaarjOps and milb's untitled SP project. Lands of the Sinspire has been merged with Queen and Warlord: The Kith'ara'li Artifact. If anybody is aware of any change in circumstances for the remaining projects on the Upcoming Maps page, please let me know.

Unreal Tournament TCO Screenies 12 August 2007 Hellscrag

The good folks at Dead Cow Studios have released yet another batch of The Chosen One screenshots for our forumers to pleasure themselves with! Check 'em out here.

Site News Unreal Tournament Project Zephon Review 5 August 2007 Hellscrag

Project Zephon v1.20 has now received my considered verdict in UnrealSP.Org's latest map review.

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