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News Archive August 2006

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Unreal Tournament Two New TCO Pics 31 August 2006 Hellscrag

NiX hopped on the forums to post two new screenshots of a cave area being worked on for The Chosen One. You can find the pics here. Enjoy!

Unreal Tournament New Zephon Pics 28 August 2006 Hellscrag

Several new pics of Project: Zephon have been posted here on the forums. Once again, the team are keen to stress that it shouldn't be long until this impressive project is released.

Unreal Tournament Leave None Behind - Left Behind 26 August 2006 Hellscrag

Sadly, all content for Willis and GriNGoLoCo's UT SP project Leave None Behind was lost in a recent computer failure. The project had recently been announced as under revision, pending continuation of work, but will now not be completed.
The better news is that Na Pali Forever, by Team Uranus, isn't dead after all and, following an e-mail from project leader Skorch, has been re-added to the Upcoming Maps page. There was apparently a setback with some lost data, but the mod is almost complete.

Site News Five years old 15 August 2006 Hellscrag

In case you missed it, UnrealSP.Org had its 5th Anniversary on 21st June. In the absence of a new map pack to release, I guess we kinda forgot to celebrate that landmark! Never mind; why not raise a glass to us in this forum thread?

Unreal Tournament 2004 Old Skool Monsta Toolz v1.0 13 August 2006 Hellscrag

SuperApe e-mailed me to introduce me to his new UT2004 mod Old Skool Monsta Toolz, or OSMT. OSMT is... "a set of tools that you can use to implement complex monster behavior in any gametype. It also includes a new story-driven gametype (OSM Adventure) with progressive objectives conquering puzzles, traps and monsters." The full scoop can be found on the UnrealPlayground forums here.

Site News Upcoming Maps Updated 10 August 2006 Hellscrag

Yes, you heard right - Upcoming Maps has finally been given its long overdue update. New projects have been added, some old projects deleted (all are listed at the bottom of the page), and many existing projects have new screenshots on display. The only recently announced project that hasn't been added is United Defense Research, since the web site is down and the author hasn't posted on the forums recently. In the mean time, if you're developing a SP map or mod and feel that you've been left out, get in touch.

Unreal Tournament EXU2 Released 02 August 2006 Hellscrag

A new generation of Waffnuffly's Excessive Unreal mod has been released, as revealed in this forum thread. This mod will demolish your brain and explode your computer - consider yourself warned!

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