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News Archive August 2005

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Site News Unreal Another classic reviewed... 31 August 2005 Hellscrag

Continuing in the current vein of extreme review productivity, check out guest reviewer Sanastro's take on Crescent Moon Squad II: Apocalypse Threat. It seems that the Crescent Moon guys didn't make a great deak of progress in the quality of their output from one pack to the next...

Unreal Last Escape from Na Pali released 30 August 2005 Hellscrag

WhirlWindRabbit's single player project Last Escape from Na Pali is now available for download at Nali City. The pack is technically for Unreal, although listed at Nali City as UT Single Player for hosting reasons.

Site News Unreal Tournament SP-Plateau reviewed 28 August 2005 Hellscrag

Diamond's map SP-Plateau has also now been reviewed. I wasn't quite sure what to make of the map - read on to see why.

Site News Unreal Rewrite: Three Crystals 28 August 2005 Hellscrag

A rewritten review of 3 Crystals by DavidM using the new schema has now been uploaded - the unfortunate map's score has been slashed roughly in half!

Site News Unreal Another vintage map reviewed 27 August 2005 Hellscrag

Today's trip into the depths of the Unreal map archive is Crescent Moon Squad: Shadows of Na Pali. Enjoy! :p

Site News Unreal Tournament New map review 26 August 2005 Hellscrag

I took a moment to answer an old request for a map review - Jailbreak, a two-map pack by TheChief7, who is now better known as Sarevok. The map pack is fairly ancient and doesn't compare to Sarevok's later work, but it's interesting to see how the mapper started out on his SP mapping career.

Site News Unreal Tournament Two new interviews! 18 August 2005 Hellscrag

Reciprocity really has been busy... firstly, he has undertaken an interview with Sarevok regarding the upcoming project Broken Alliance, in which UArchitect also had a few things to say; and secondly, an interview with the myself regarding Battle for Na Pali. Enjoy!

Unreal Tournament 2004 UT2004 SP Framework Released 17 August 2005 Hellscrag

A "Single Player Framework" for Unreal Tournament 2004, offering the game much-needed full Single Player support, was released today by the team at Fraghouse. I'll leave it to the experts to explain, but it looks like an awesome tool:

"The Single Player Framework is a template for both mappers and coders who want to create their own SP experience for UT2004. It comes ready built with all the relevant code that powers Single Player, plus tons of easy-to-use actors (with a guide list). Mappers can begin creating SP maps as easily as they would normal maps once they have established themselves with the setup, whereas coders can delve into the code and modify aspects of it. Comes with the majority of original Unreal monsters skinned, modelled and coded too!"

Unreal Tournament Upcoming Projects News 17 August 2005 Hellscrag

Kea dropped into the forums to tell us that Diamond is hard at work on SP-Plateau2, linking to these new screenshots. SP-Plateau2 has now been added to Upcoming Maps; unfortunately, I have also had to remove Unreal RPG, which has apparently been cancelled. In better news, DRT-Maverick (at one time known as Jaunie) has told me that he will be reviving his old project known at one time as Shia'dorle; I am holding off adding it to the Upcoming Maps page until more information on the title and platform is available.

Site News Unreal Tournament Bad Cargo reviewed 13 August 2005 Hellscrag

Mr. Blowtatoes' The Last Queen demo map Bad Cargo has now been reviewed. I wouldn't normally do a review of a map that was at "demo" or "beta" stage, but Mr. Blowtatoes requested the review himself, albeit some months ago; I can only apologise for the huge delay. None the less, I would encourage any readers to remember before reading the review that this is Mr. Blowtatoes' first effort with UnrealEd, and that the proposed story of the pack hasn't even been implemented yet. It can only get better from here on in!

Unreal Queen and Warlord news 12 August 2005 Hellscrag

TheEmperorStalwartUK has opened the official project thread for his smaller upcoming project Queen and Warlord: The Kith'ara'li Artifact. On the thread, which also includes a promo image, TheEmperorStalwartUK describes some of the features that will be incorporated in the map and also reveals that separate Unreal and Unreal Tournament versions will be provided. Upcoming Maps updated.
AMENDMENT: Only one version of the pack will be released, functional in both Unreal and UT, but with the necessary files for full Oldskool support included as optional components.

Unreal Hard Crash released... sort of 12 August 2005 Hellscrag

There has been some discussion recently about the disappearance of §îlvër-§érpênt, the mapper behind Hard Crash, who was almost ready to release the pack as long ago as last Christmas. Some colleagues of his from Clan Phoenix have given us a possible explanation for Serpent's disappearance that may see him remaining absent for the forseeable future. Accordingly, the Clan Phoenix guys are apparently authorised to release the first five maps of the pack (which was originally intended to contain six or seven levels). If you're interested in downloading this incomplete but still substantial work, you can grab it from this page on the Clan Phoenix site.

Site News Unreal Tournament New Alcatraz review rewrite 11 August 2005 Hellscrag

Next in line for a review rewrite is New Alcatraz. Like all the rewrites, the new score is lower, but Drevlin will no doubt be pleased to know that the drop in score is considerably less than in the case of yesterday's re-review of The Elder.

Site News Unreal The Elder review rewrite 10 August 2005 Hellscrag

Continuing in the recent vein of productivity, I have given my review of The Elder a much-needed rewrite using the new review schema. Needless to say, the score suffers as a consequence, as with many of the recent rewrites. You can find the updated review on the usual page.

Unreal Tournament Operation Na Pali speedrun movie 09 August 2005 Hellscrag

François Micol e-mailed me with a link to a one-hour speedrun that he had undertaken of Operation Na Pali. If speedruns are your thing, you can view the experiment broken down into twelve separate AVI files by clicking here. Enjoy!

Site News Unreal Two new map reviews 07 August 2005 Hellscrag

I had some time this evening, so I sat down to review two classic single-map campaigns. By popular demand, I have reviewed Mark Simmons' Nali Cove 2, and as a bonus, I have reviewed Kew's The Ruins of Nali'Pente. Also, Hyper.nl has been added to the links page.

Unreal Iphigenia released on UnrealSPVault.Org 05 August 2005 Hellscrag

Ultimate Weasel's older SP map pack Iphigenia is now available on the Vault. The pack consists of three playable levels built for Unreal, and is available here. Out apologies to Ultimate Weasel for the delay in hosting the file!

Site News Unreal TheEmperorStalwartUK interviewed 04 August 2005 Hellscrag

Reciprocity is on a roll. This time, he has caught up with ambitious mapper TheEmperorStalwartUK, developer of various projects including Queen and Warlord: The Kith'ara'li Artifact and Lands of the Sunspire, producing this intriguing interview. Check it out for the full scoop on his inventive projects, including inside info on one of his top secret endeavours!

Site News Unreal Tournament The Fall of Seethe Reviewed 04 August 2005 Hellscrag

Hello again! I took the opportunity to play and review Cardiologist's four-map UT SP pack Skaarj Tower - The Fall of Seethe. You can find the review of the pack, which I found very enjoyable, here. Enjoy!

Unreal Unreal Tournament New Projects Added 04 August 2005 Hellscrag

Biggest in the news is the announcement of Last Escape from Na Pali, a three-map Unreal SP pack by WhirlWindWabbit (a.k.a. W3), which is nearing completion. The pack has been added to Upcoming Maps. I also took the opportunity to add a footnote about Skaarj Ops, the UT SP project concept currently being explored by Ghost3021 on our forums.

Unreal Unreal 1997 Beta located 03 August 2005 Hellscrag

The Unreal 1997 Beta, which was leaked in 1998, was recently located by one of our forumers. The beta contains several maps that were cut from the original Unreal game, as well as older versions that did make the final product. Also featured are several new cuts of music and missing creature and weapon classes.
UPDATE: The beta is no longer available for download due to bandwidth issues. Due to its questionable legality, no further download links will be posted on this news page, but it is clear now that the beta exists in the SP community and is no longer "lost".

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