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News Archive August 2004

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

First Review Makeover 30 August 2004 Hellscrag

The long process of re-wording and re-scoring our archive of reviews begins now with Hollow, by Paul C Roberts. To illustrate the changing standards of our time and the significant effect our new schema is having on the results of our reviews, the score has dropped from 6/10 to a lowly 41%.

Three new 7 Bullets pics 30 August 2004 Hellscrag

Mr. Prophet has been busy in the last few hours: you can now check out three new pics showing off new weapons including the Quadshot V8, Machine Mags and a new Pulse Gun variant.

Cats 2 Reviewed 30 August 2004 Hellscrag

Hell froze over and we finally reviewed Spentron's bizarre February release Unreal Zero: Cats 2, with a little bit of help from Mr. Prophet. The review, which of course uses the new schema, can be found here. Updates to older reviews using the new schema can be expected to roll in soon: expect the first batch to include such maps as Hexephet, Hollow, One Day and Jiganara Kingdom.

Two New Map Reviews 26 August 2004 Hellscrag

We are "rolling out" the new review schema tonight with two new map reviews. First up is vintage Unreal map The Tower of Zi' Ki', reviewed by MMAN UGITU, and secondly Sarevok's new release The Odyssey, reviewed by myself. If you are surprised by the scores, remember: this is a new schema, and full marks are now much harder to earn. Rest assured that the scores maps have gained via the old system will soon be coming down too.

New MOTW 25 August 2004 Hellscrag

Those of you following our new Map of the Week project may be interested to know that, for our second week, we are looking at a retail map. This time it's "The Ceremonial Chambers," by Myscha. Stop by the forums to have your say!

New UnrealSP.Org Review Schema 24 August 2004 Hellscrag

We are rolling out a new review schema for all future reviews, which incorporates the recent concept of "Conceptual Grandness" and puts a greater emphasis on the various facets of Story and Gameplay. Since this is a significant departure from the previous schema, the new schema will be gradually retrofitted to our older reviews as well. The first couple of new reviews using the new schema will be uploaded in the next few days, and then we will begin the process of retrofitting the old reviews with the new scores. Stay tuned.

Skaarj Tower - Shadow and Fire Released! 24 August 2004 Hellscrag

We're doing well for quality Unreal releases at the moment! Latest out of the pipeline is Drew's Skaarj Tower - Shadow and Fire, now available at Nali City. The two-map unit for Unreal single player and coop offers a substantial play time for the number of maps provided, clocking in at a significant 15.83 megs. If you're looking for a pack with Conceptual Grandness, then this is probably it.

Firestorm Revival! 22 August 2004 Hellscrag

Turboman has started a new thread on the forums about "Firestorm", his ongoing Unreal SP project that suffered a setback some time ago with the loss of most of the maps. The project has now returned and it's safe to say that the new pics are an improvement - there're even some renders of new creature and weapon classes, including a new take on Unreal's long-lost Dragon. The project has now been fully re-added to Upcoming Maps.

More News Archived 22 August 2004 Hellscrag

News items from January to June 2004 have been moved to the archive section. Props to Techno_JF for doing this for me and saving me a job.

The Odyssey Bugfix 19 August 2004 Hellscrag

Sarevok has fixed a couple of BSP errors in the first map of The Odyssey. Unfortunately there's no quick 'n easy patch, so you'll have to re-download the whole 47MB file to get the updated version. If you happen to have broadband, trip-hop over to Nali City to grab version 2.0.

"Map of the Week" Open 17 August 2004 Hellscrag

Here at UnrealSP.Org we have started a new project on the forums. Map of the Week is a special board where, each week, a map is chosen at random from Unreal, Return to Na Pali or the custom map packs reviewed here at UnrealSP and discussed at some length. Map one is "The Long Haul", by Waffnuffly, from Attacked! - surf on in if you'd like to have your say!

The Chosen One - Now available in English! 17 August 2004 Hellscrag

The site for The Chosen One has been redesigned and is now available in English. There's not much info available besides the screenshots, but the maps they come from now have names. Check it out.

"Conceptual Grandness" Updated 16 August 2004 Hellscrag

In light of feedback from users (cheers Frieza!) who suggested that my article on Conceptual Grandness came out as being too much about the scale of a map and nothing else, I have tweaked it here and there and added a couple of paragraphs that further stress the other aspects of the concept. Further examples of maps may yet be added to the article if they would help to illustrate the concept, but it's "good for now". Further feedback welcome.

New Article: "Conceptual Grandness" 16 August 2004 Hellscrag

I have written a new featured article for the Level Design area of the site. Conceptual Grandness tackles, by means of examples, what makes a map memorable, and concludes that imagination at the planning stage is far more important than visual detail in building a map that will stick in the player's memory. If you have read the article, I would also welcome your feedback on this thread, where I am also polling the possibility of changing our review schema to reflect the concepts discussed in this article.

The Chosen One 16 August 2004 Hellscrag

I have been made aware of a new project, The Chosen One, which has been added to Upcoming Maps. It's being developed by a team of three - Ultrakaka is making the maps, Raven is coding the scripts and Wilczek is making the new models. There are several screenshots on the site, and more info too, if you understand Polish. :)

The Odyssey at Nali City 9 August 2004 Hellscrag

As previously reported, The Odyssey can now be downloaded from Nali City via this link. Upcoming Maps updated.

The Odyssey... Released? 6 August 2004 Hellscrag

Yes, you heard right... Sarevok has finally finished his three-map SP pack! The only thing standing in the way of us downloading it at time of writing is the Nali City submission process. Keep your eye on the site and be the first to download it! This site will be updated with an actual download link as soon as I am aware that the map pack is available.

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