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News Archive August 2003

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Na Pali Haven: Redux now available! 31 August 2003 Hellscrag

You'll be pleased to know that Mr. Prophet's map Na Pali Haven: Redux is now available at this link from Nali City. In case you missed it, Redux was reviewed on this site a couple of days ago.

...or not 30 August 2003 Hellscrag

TheEmperorStalwartUK has decided that his sequel was a false start, and has decided to drop the project - but hopefully will begin a new project soon. In the mean time, the UnrealSP forum community are currently discussing the possibility of their own sequel to Unreal. The sequel will begin development for UT at some point after Deja Vu 1.1 has been released, and our plan is to take a long time over the project and to get it exactly right. If you have any thoughts about what might be good storyline features or locations to add, or would even like to add your mapping skills to the project, then join us in the discussion thread

New upcoming project 29 August 2003 Hellscrag

TheEmperorStalwartUK has announced that he will be developing a sequel to Unreal called "Unreal: Return to Mars". The pack will begin where Return to Na Pali left off, and will be developed as an Unreal SP campaign. TheEmperorStalwartUK has come up with various new weapon and creature concepts, and has a forum thread for the project here. The project has been added to Upcoming Maps, although there are no screenshots at this time.

Na Pali Haven Redux Review 28 August 2003 Hellscrag

It may not yet be available for download, but I have wasted no time in reviewing Mr. Prophet's Na Pali Haven: Redux. For all those who are interested, the review can be found here.

Na Pali Haven Redux: Soon 27 August 2003 Hellscrag

Keep your eyes pressed to Nali City for Na Pali Haven Redux, Mr. Prophet's revamped UT SP map from the original Unreal game, which should appear on the site soon. Enjoy!

Map downloads update 24 August 2003 Hellscrag

Just to let you know that most of the custom map review pages have been changed so that the downloads take advantage of our new counterpart site UnrealSPVault.Org. The largest downloads still have to be referenced from elsewhere, as the vault does not as yet support them, but thankfully the smaller, older maps now have a secure place to live.

Yet another review 24 August 2003 Hellscrag

MMAN UGITU took the time to send in another quick review of his own. This time, the map in question is the Lower Shrine of Nakesh, a vintage map by Stuart "Volvin" Presley.

Another quick review 23 August 2003 Hellscrag

I also took the time to knock up a quick review of DeluxScan's Sky Isles map. The review can be found here.

Nali Chronicles Review 23 August 2003 Hellscrag

MMAN UGITU sent in a review of Nali Chronicles Part One that incorporates a lot of the conclusions that have been reached about the pack on our forums in recent days and reaches a pretty good final score. Thankfully, Eater seems keen to listen to the community's feedback, so I hope the Nali Chronicles team will find the review useful in the construction of Nali Chronicles Part Two.

A piece of Unreal history 17 August 2003 Hellscrag

Jaunie located an Unreal 1995 tech demo, which you may be just able to download for your very own self. Read more at this thread at the BeyondUnreal Forums.

Nali Chronicles Part One Released! 15 August 2003 Hellscrag

Nali Chronicles have released part one of their eponymous UT SP mod. You can download it from their site... it's been a long time coming!

New Map Review 13 August 2003 Hellscrag

Better late than never! Three months after its release, I have finally reviewed EddX's Zero Black UT SP pack. The review can be found in the usual section, or by clicking here. Enjoy!

Déjà Vu 1.1 Progress 10 August 2003 Hellscrag

I'm pleased to report that many of the mappers of Déjà Vu - Gryphon Revisited are working to bring you version 1.1 of the mod. Most of the maps will be improved in some way for this release, whether by lighting, gameplay, simple bug fixes or even a significant extension to the level's playable area. USP-08-MMANUGITU will, in particular, be appearing in a much more complete and significantly extended form. USP-02-SarevoK is having the church interior built and significant framerate optimisations done, and USP-07-Waffnuffly has had work done on its gameplay balance. We appreciate all the feedback we have been given, and would like to thank in particular names such as DarthVader, Neonite and the crew from 3's coop server for bringing bugs to our attention. For now, Déjà Vu - Gryphon Revisited v1.1 has found its way onto the Upcoming Maps page.

EBM is back 09 August 2003 Hellscrag

In case you haven't come across it before, Eightball Maniac has been working on an epic storyline following the prisoner's journey as depicted in Unreal. After taking a break to do some mapping, EBM has returned with the Ceremonial Chambers, the latest chapter in the story. Check it out.

Visit the UnrealSP Vault 02 August 2003 Hellscrag

Quite how I managed not to mention this before, I don't know. But for about three weeks, a new site (which those who have downloaded Déjà Vu may have known about for some time) has been open for business. Run by zynthetic, UnrealSPVault.Org is the new place to store single player maps, where the files will be in the hands of people who want to keep them live. Available downloads are limited whilst zynthetic sorts out hosting issues, but he hopes to remedy this soon.

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