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News Archive July 2007

Unreal Tournament Fully Patched Zephon Download 31 July 2007 Hellscrag

The full version of Project Zephon has now been updated to include the recent patch plus one or two previously missing files. If you downloaded the first release and the patch already, there is no need to re-download the whole mod. Otherwise, if you've yet to download the mod, you can download the patched full version here.

Unreal Tournament Zephon Patch Released 30 July 2007 Hellscrag

The first patch for Project Zephon has now been released and is available via FileFront. The patch reportedly fixes some of the bugs reported so far with the mod, including the intro sequence crashes. You will need to download the patch AND the full version of the mod - no "patched full version" is available at this time. The 22MB patch can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

Unreal Tournament Zephon Bugs to be Patched 29 July 2007 Hellscrag

Derdak2rot has advised us on the forums that certain bugs identified with the newly released Project Zephon, including a tendency to crash during the intro sequence, are to be fixed over the next couple of days. Eager players may, therefore, want to hold fire on the 111MB download and await the release of a patched version. More info on the bugs is available on the project's thread on our forums.

Unreal Tournament Project Zephon Released! 29 July 2007 Hellscrag

Massive news for all single player Unreal fans - Team Zephon's new UT SP pack Project Zephon: Battle for Freedom has finally been released! The pack clocks in at twelve playable maps and can be downloaded here (note that not all of the download mirrors are working at the time of writing). Your feedback on the map pack would, no doubt, be welcomed on the Zephon thread on our forums.

Site News Unreal Illhaven re-examined 28 July 2007 Hellscrag

It's time for another classic to come crashing down, as Kew's Illhaven Saga receives a harsh but fair re-review by Mister Prophet.

Unreal Unreal: Return to Na Pali Unreal Tournament Unreal II: The Awakening Unreal Tournament 2004 BU launches the Liandri Archives 23 July 2007 Hellscrag

Our colleagues over at BeyondUnreal have begun a new project to create an encyclopedia of Epic's Unreal series, including Unreal, Return to Na Pali and the original Unreal Tournament, plus every Unreal title that's been released since. We at UnrealSP.Org will be contributing to this new Wiki. If you would like to participate in the development of this knowledge base, surf into the Liandri Archives.

Site News Unreal Unreal Tournament Another re-review 17 July 2007 Hellscrag

Mister Prophet has continued in the EZkeel vein by doing a quick re-review of Zombie Dawn.

Site News Unreal Tournament Huge Déjà Vu Walkthrough 15 July 2007 Hellscrag

New on the UnrealSP scene and determined to make an impact, forumer UBerserker has written a massive walkthrough and strategy guide for the UnrealSP.Org anniversary pack Déjà Vu - Gryphon Revisited v2.01. You can find the walkthrough, which also features an Easter Egg guide, by clicking on "Custom Map Tips" on the menu to the left or, alternatively, by clicking here.

Site News Unreal "Invasion" re-reviewed 15 July 2007 Hellscrag

As part of the anniversary season, it seems that Mister Prophet has decided to dust off his reviewing gloves once again. As such, I am pleased to present you with a new re-review of EZkeel's vintage Unreal map pack Invasion. You can find the review here.

Site News Vault Back Online 07 July 2007 Hellscrag

The headline speaks for itself. UnrealSPVault.Org is now back online and able to serve your SP downloading needs! It may take an additional day or two for some of you to be able to view the site - please be patient.

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