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News Archive July 2005

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Unreal Tournament SP-Plateau Released 29 July 2005 Hellscrag

Diamond's new UT SP map SP-Plateau has been released on Nali City. The map, which it has been revealed will be part of a larger map pack, can be found here.

Site News Fan Art New Fanart Added 26 July 2005 Hellscrag

gregori delivered a further four images to our Fan Art archive. The new pictures include a Mercenary and a Slith by Kulesznik and impressive Skaarj designs by Neutron.

Site News Unreal Tournament Skaarj Slayer interviewed 23 July 2005 Hellscrag

Staff interviewer Recriprocity caught up with Skaarj Slayer, developer of The Human / Skaarj War and Temple of Na Pali, to interview him about his upcoming UT SP projects. The interview can be found here. Enjoy!

Unreal Tournament Upcoming projects inbreeding 21 July 2005 Hellscrag

In a rather incestuous manner, various projects have been recruiting members from other teams in the last few weeks. You may already have noticed that Team UnrealSP has been joined by Kaka of Dead Cow Studios and Flunders of Shock Systems. Team Red Nemesis have been joined by SeeD and SarevoK to work on Residual Decay and, most inbred of all, SarevoK's project Broken Alliance has been joined by UArchitect (as previously reported), SeeD and also LJ Paranoid (phew, a fresh contribution to the gene pool). Well done, everyone!

Site News Links & Files Updated 20 July 2005 Hellscrag

It's not quite the transformation that some of you had hoped for, but our much-neglected Links and Files page has finally been updated. I have generally rationalised what is on offer and either fixed or removed any broken links. There are no longer any links to Fileplanet, and the amazing unofficial Unreal / UT enhancements undertaken by the community are now given greater prominence.

Unreal Project news from TheEmperorStalwartUK 13 July 2005 Hellscrag

According to TheEmperorStalwartUK in his latest forum post, Labyrinth of the Darkness has been cancelled, but Lands of the Sunspire remains a viable project. He is also working on Queen and Warlord: The Kith'ara'li Artifact, a single-map campaign following the story of a Queen and Warlord couple and a UMS agent, as well as a "top secret" project that will apparently be an FPS / RPG hybrid.

Unreal Tournament UArchitect joins Broken Alliance 13 July 2005 Hellscrag

SarevoK has launched the forum thread for his new project. In it, he advises that UArchitect has joined the team, and some work-in-progress screenshots of a desert island map have been provided.

Site News New interactive Upcoming Maps page 13 July 2005 Hellscrag

I'm sure we're all aware how ungainly the Upcoming Maps page has been becoming, due to the sheer number of projects currently in development (which is if course a good thing). Well, following requests from the UT-unfriendly sector of the SP community, I have now launched a new interactive Upcoming Maps page on which it is possible to filter the projects by game platform. Enjoy!

Unreal Tournament SarevoK announces Broken Alliance 11 July 2005 Hellscrag

SarevoK has started a new UT SP project entitled "Broken Alliance". According to SarevoK, it will feature around 5-6 maps, a couple of new guns and some new textures, and he may be joined on the project by a couple of other mappers. There are no links relating to the project yet, but a larger version of one of the pics is shown on Upcoming Maps.

Unreal Tournament 2004 No more Legend of Vandora for UT2004 7 July 2005 Hellscrag

Recent postings on the Legend of Vandora forums have indicated that development of the project for UT2004 has halted. NozzeM had the following to say in late May:

There's plans to continue development when unreal engine 3 arrives. This because of the many personal obligations among team members, ut2k4 isn't that popular anymore and by the time we would have finished LoV ut2k4 would be very outdated.

In the absence of any guarantee that this project can be made, I am taking the decision to remove it from Upcoming Maps until such a time as it starts up again for definite. At present things don't look too hopeful.

Unreal Tournament 7 Day Siege Pics 7 July 2005 Hellscrag

Ultimate Weasel has posted three new pics on our forums, showing a Terran submarine he has been working on (the craft is currently a work in progress). He would welcome your feedback.

Fan Fiction MMAN begins a new Unreal fanfic 5 July 2005 Hellscrag

MMAN has begun work on an Unreal story entitled Dark Messiah, the first chapter of which can be read here. MMAN would of course welcome your feedback on this first chapter to his fiction thread on our forums.

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