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News Archive July 2004

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Déjà Vu v2.01 Now Reviewed 29 July 2004 Hellscrag

ThickAsABrick and ZBREAKER2001 have teamed up and written an extensive, map-by-map review of Déjà Vu - Gryphon Revisited v2.01, which you can now read here. You'll need a certain amount of time on your hands as it's several pages long! Due to the "in-house" nature of this project, it seemed appropriate to give it a "special" review.
"Recently Completed" under Upcoming Maps has been updated with a link to the review, and the Team Page now features ThickAsABrick and ZBREAKER2001 as "Contributors", as well as updates to various other contributors' entries. Enjoy the review, and many thanks to ZBREAKER & TAAB for taking the time to write it! Drevlin and eVOLVE's v1.01 commentary remains available from the first page of the new review.
If you have any feedback, the official Déjà Vu v2.01 feedback thread on the forums is still open.

The SkyFalls released! 23 July 2004 Hellscrag

Gorthaur's upcoming map that was mentioned yesterday has now been released! You can get it here. Although it was only just announced, this map has apparently been in the works for "a few weeks", and is therefore a complete environment.

New UT SP Map 22 July 2004 Hellscrag

Gorthaur informs me that he has a new UT SP map on the way, "The SkyFalls", that should be released "in a couple of days". Providing me with this link to a screenshot montage, Gorthaur informs me that "the theme of the map is the skycaves mixed with a little bit of sunspire. I have saved the best piece of eyecandy for when you actually play it."

7 Bullets News 22 July 2004 Hellscrag

With the August release date of 7 Bullets rapidly approaching, Mr. Prophet has been on the forums with a major post of official information about 7 Bullets. The thread, which you can read here, covers a variety of topics including gameplay balance, the new arsenal, concussion effects, plus new inventory items and special effects. Since it's fon the forums, you can also have your say.

Déjà Vu v2.01 Critics' Choice Awards 21 July 2004 Hellscrag

The official report on the Déjà Vu v2.01 Critics' Choice Awards is now available. Seven categories were polled on our forums including such categories as Best Subplot, Best Boss Fight and Best Map. To read more, check out the new featured article now (beware spoilers!)

Site Updates 18 July 2004 Hellscrag

The last few days have seen a couple of site updates. Firstly to Level Design, where a couple of extra tips have been added in the fields of "Creatures and Pathing" and "Texture Alignment". Secondly to Fan Fiction Reviews, where "Kira's Journey" by JohnMC has been added to the list of unreviewed fiction, and finally to Walkthroughs, the majority of which I realised still don't use our stylesheet, and six of which have now been converted to the new format (this must be done to all pages before I can remodel the site structure as a whole into PHP, as has been done at Hellscrag.net).

Projects News 16 July 2004 Hellscrag

Kajgue of new outfit N-Team has informed me of an extremely ambitious total conversion project for Unreal. Set in 2391 and with a story distantly related to that of UT, "Necuroth" will begin in London, and will see the player exploring the city in a mixture of RPG and FPS gameplay. Also joining the Necuroth team is TheEmperorStalwartUK of upcoming project "Unreal: Return to Mars". For much more info on Necuroth, see this forum thread. Meanwhile, Drew has been posting updates on his upcoming Unreal medley of "Skaarj Castle" and "Skaarj Tower", which will now be known as "Skaarj Tower - Shadow and Fire". Upcoming Maps has been updated to reflect this change.

New Upcoming Map 15 July 2004 Hellscrag

There's a new entry to Upcoming Maps by new mapper ))XADA((. "Skaarj vs Skaarj" casts the player as a SkaarjTrooper on the run after assassinating his commander. For the official dev thread featuring the full story, check out the Upcoming Maps page.

Noailiat releases "The Search" 12 July 2004 Hellscrag

Drop into Noailiat's Unreal Fiction to read "The Search", the second instalment of the "Nalipal Trilogy" which began with "Luca's Awakening". Noailiat has opened a feedback thread on our forums, and would welcome your input.

Battle for Na Pali Music 11 July 2004 Hellscrag

Surf into Team UnrealSP to check out their new Music section, where you can download clips from some of the original score being developed for the Unreal sequel project. Visiting the page you may also notice that Déjà Vu v2.01 now has a permanent home on the Team UnrealSP site.

Skaarj Tower Updates 10 July 2004 Hellscrag

Drew, who released the Unreal coop map Skaarj Castle and is currently working on his second map Skaarj Tower, has posted a new batch of screenshots on his friend Wolf's site. Drew informs us that he has tweaked Skaarj Castle to be more SP-friendly and will be releasing the two maps as a single map pack once Skaarj Tower is finished. In the mean time, the shots are worth looking at, along with the existing ones at Thrasher's site. For traditional Unreal fans, this will be one map pack that does not require Unreal Tournament to run!

Déjà Vu v2.01 FAQ 7 July 2004 Hellscrag

Further to the release of Déjà Vu - Gryphon Revisited v2.01, a FAQ is now available on the forums. This is the thread to look at (and post on if your question isn't already answered) if you are stuck on Déjà Vu. If you just want to offer critical feedback, the official feedback thread is still open for business. Also on the Site Speak board with the feedback thread are the "Critics' Choice Award" polls where you can vote for such things as your favourite Déjà Vu map, favourite boss fight and so on. We would welcome your input - the polls will be open for another two weeks, after which I will write the results up as a featured article. The detailed review of the pack is still in the works - in the mean time you can also check out the players' feedback to Déjà Vu at Nali City.

Written any fan fiction? 5 July 2004 Hellscrag

I am expanding the Fan Fiction Reviews page to link to all known Unreal stories, completed or otherwise. If you have a piece of fan fiction that we haven't linked to yet - complete or otherwise - then get in touch. We apologise for not turning out any further fan fiction reviews in recent months, but the least we can do is offer you links. Note that we only accept fiction based on the storyline of Unreal, not Unreal Tournament or its successors.

New Déjà Vu v2.01 Mirrors 1 July 2004 Hellscrag

Version 2.01 of Déjà Vu - Gryphon Revisited is now available at Nali City and Mapraider. My thanks to the individuals concerned for the quick provision of the packs on those sites! Don't forget to drop into the forums to post on the feedback thread when you've played the pack!

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