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News Archive June-July 2001

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Mappage news 29 July 2001 Hellscrag

Waffnuffly has announced that he has finished Ground Base 1, the first planet surface map of his upcoming Attacked! pack. Meanwhile, I can announce that I have finished beta one of the first map of my pack, The Landing - I will be getting it tested soon. It's a short map but should open the pack well.

Updates from MMAN UGITU 28 July 2001 Hellscrag

MMAN UGITU has reshuffled the plans for his series of upcoming UT SP packs known as The Journey. Legacy weapons will now not be required for part 1 - and he is starting again with the map building for the new starting setting. More details in Upcoming Maps.

Site updates 25 July 2001 Hellscrag

For your reading pleasure (and to my relief), Techno reviewed Tashara's Cove - the review is now available in the usual place. By the way, stay tuned for some updates on MMAN UGITU's upcoming map pack.

Mappage on the web 22 July 2001 Hellscrag

Things are looking good over at Willis Unreal's project Na Pali: Broken. A few more screenies have been released of the first map and it's looking dead sweet. There are a few more screenies over at the project co-developer Rat Development too. I am looking forward to this pack :).

Another review 21 July 2001 Hellscrag

To continue the current trend of productivity, I reviewed DNSPU4 - The Beginning of the End.

More site updates 21 July 2001 Hellscrag

Zynthetic has written another review, this time of Zombie Dawn. I have also switched all the FilePlanet download links on the reviews page to Nali City's system to give you more choices.

Site updates 20 July 2001 Hellscrag

Talk about productivity! Two reviews in one day! :) Zynthetic has reviewed Peril on Mars - you can catch the review in the usual place.

Site updates 20 July 2001 Hellscrag

Another review for you to devour: I wrote a review for STemple, which is now up on the site.

New pack added to Upcoming Maps 18 July 2001 Hellscrag

The Upcoming Maps area continues to grow, with Waffnuffly's pack being added to the list. What would be nice now would be to see some of these packs released :).

Another SP pack underway! 17 July 01 Hellscrag

Waffnuffly posted on the forums to announce another SP level pack for the list! He has no site or shots yet but give it time.

Site updates 15 July 2001 Hellscrag

Techno reviewed Illhaven Saga for your pleasure. Enjoy! More reviews in the pipeline still include Strange World and Tashara's Cove, and also Legacy and STemple.

More details from MMAN UGITU 13 July 2001 Hellscrag

MMAN UGITU mailed me to tell me more details about his upcoming pack, including the title and storyline, and a list of levels to be included. It's going to be a pretty large pack by the looks of things; check out Upcoming Levels to find out a little more. Oh, happy Friday 13th by the way!

MMAN UGITU's upcoming UT SP pack 12 July 2001 Hellscrag

MMAN UGITU has sent me an exclusive screeny of his UT SP pack, so I have now added it to the Upcoming Maps page. Keep up the good work MMAN UGITU... and oh yeah, come up with a title won't you!

New single player pack in development 09 July 2001 Hellscrag

These SP packs are popping up all over the place! Zynthetic dug out a new SP pack in development called Na Pali: Broken. It is detailed in the Upcoming Maps area.

UnrealSP.Org gets another link 08 July 2001 Hellscrag

Just wanted to thank Smirftsch of OldUnreal publicly for posting a front page link to our site :).

Site updates 06 July 2001 Hellscrag

It's good to have some new content coming in. Techno has produced an excellent set of tips for Kew's Illhaven Saga, and I have added them to the site. I've also thrown in a review of El Chicoverde's Sbegin 2 - Naveed was going to review it but will now be reviewing Strange World. Further pending reviews include Illhaven Saga and Tashara's Cove.
By the way, I figured I'd been a little generous in marking Hollow on lighting and I have adjusted the schema scores. But it still came out as a 6.

Mappage bits and bobs 04 July 2001 Hellscrag

Nali Chronicles have a few new screenshots of their upcoming pack available on their site since I last visited. On the same train of thought, I was talking to the team leader of project Kenophobia, and he told me the beta should be completed some time around February. There is also another project in the works by MMAN UGITU - it'll be on the Upcoming Maps page when more info and screens are available. It's going to be a map pack designed to run under Legacy - should be interesting!

Live again 03 July 2001 Hellscrag

I thought I'd pop in and say "Hi I'm back". While we wait for some more hard content, I've added my map pack in progress to Upcoming Maps.

Site updates 25 June 2001 Hellscrag

Techno has been beavering away behind the scenes and has produced a gargantuan set of tips for Legacy which are now available on the site. In addition, Zynthetic brings you a review of Liberation of Na Pali. I'm going away for a week now and I'm afraid that until I can get a proper news system going there will be no site updates during this time. But the rest of the UnrealSP.Org team will be on the forums should anything dramatic occur :). I did hear that a demo of TeamVortex's Operation Na Pali will be out very soon. We'll have to wait and see.

Drevlin interviewed 23 June 2001 Hellscrag

UnrealCenter posted this interview with our own Drevlin in which he talks about his past mapping and his upcoming single player project, Offensive Retreat. Surf on in!

Forthcoming additions 21 June 2001 Hellscrag

It's great that the site is now open, but there's still more work to be done! I thought I'd let you know that forthcoming updates will include tips for EZKeel's Legacy and a review of El Chicoverde's Sbegin 2.

UnrealSP.Org grand opening! 21 June 2001 Hellscrag

We've pulled out all the stops to bring you this web site in one month, and now it's here. Many thanks to the four dedicated players who have helped me make this site, once just an idea, become a reality. We will have more updates soon with further reviews and tips. In the mean time, surf around, and post on our forums to say you dropped in!

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