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Site News Unreal Unreal Tournament UnrealSP.Org's Sixth Anniversary 21 June 2007 Hellscrag

Today is the sixth anniversary of the opening of UnrealSP.Org! I am delighted that the site has managed to serve the community for so long. Unfortunately, Real Life issues have prevented me from preparing anything special for you to mark the occasion. Hopefully, you will be content with the following news.
It has been revealed in a recent forum post by Derdak2rot that Project Zephon may be mere weeks away from completion. The announcement is accompanied by an interesting screenshot from what looks like a cinematic. Watch this space!
Meanwhile, many of you will be aware that forumer UBerserker, aided by fellow fan Leo(T.C.K.), has taken it upon himself to do a blow-by-blow, map-by-map comparison between the Unreal 1997/1998 beta and the cut-down version of Unreal that was eventually released. UBerserker's guide, which is essentially a very detailed walkthrough, will likely eventually be added to this web site as a featured article. UBerserker has progressed well with the map description project, and is currently dealing with maps that were actually cut from the original game. The latest maps to be examined are Morose, by Cliff Bleszinski, and the otherwise untitled FHub5 by Juan Pancho Eekels. UBerserker has also finished describing the beta weapons. UBerserker's latest extensively illustrated forum posts, concerning respectively weapons and maps, can be found here and here.
UnrealSP.Org is currently looking for new ideas for site content and offers of help. If you would like to provide either, or would simply like to wish us sixth anniversary greetings, please visit the official Sixth Anniversary Thread on the forums.

Site News Vault Downtime 21 June 2007 Hellscrag

Contrary to other indications, the domain UnrealSPVault.Org has not expired. However, the site is currently experiencing technical problems following a domain renewal, which we hope will be remedied soon.

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