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News Archive June 2006

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Site News Forum Status 23 June 2006 Hellscrag

All FTP / forum issues have now been resolved.

Site News Forum Status 22 June 2006 Hellscrag

I have reopened the forums for now in order to enable you to continue with your discussions and for the sake of our hosted boards. However, the FTP issue has not yet been fully resolved and the forums may "cut out" again without warning once technical support have done their thing. In this event I will remedy the matter as quickly as I can.

Site News Forum Outage 20 June 2006 Hellscrag

The forums have been forced into an unscheduled shutdown whilst the FTP and database password is changed due to hacking attempts. They will hopefully be active again within the next 1 to 24 hours. We apologise for this interruption and thank you for your patience in this matter.

Fan Fiction Unreal Unreal Tournament News Roundup 17 June 2006 Hellscrag

First of all, apologies for the dearth of updates recently. May to early June has been a hectic month at Scrag Towers, with holidays, exams and work pressures all trying to cram themselves into an impossibly short space of time. The time has not, however, been without progress in the world of Unreal mappage. New projects have arrived, old projects have been cancelled and there has even been a new batch of fan fiction. The news is summarised below - updates to the Upcoming Maps and Fan Fiction sub-sections will follow in due course.

New Projects

Three new projects have manifested themselves in recent weeks:

  • Final Retribution, led by Gun_Asylem, casts you as a Marine stranded on a planet populated by hostile aliens and ravaged Human colonies. In its initial UT SP stages the project is re-using maps by other people, but Gun_Asylem has expressed an intention of switching to newer versions of the Unreal engine at some future stage. You can find the web site here and the project thread here.
  • United Defense Research, by The Wolf, sees you attempting to penetrate a Human research facility on Na Pali that has been seized by the Skaarj (this is a mod for Unreal rather than Unreal Tournament). Once again, you can access the project web site here and the project thread here.
  • Finally, Creavion has commenced a small UT SP project named Antalius. Some very organic-looking screenshots appear on the project thread.

Existing Project News

  • First, the cancellations. Is'kre Base One is the first to go, as mapper Howitzer is now concentrating on meshmaking. It is followed by Jaspos' Blood Oath.
  • Willis and GriNGoLoCo's project Leave None Behind appeared dead, but I am told that the mappers are re-evaluating it and it may yet be progressed.
  • Flight to Kindri also appeared dormant, but mapper evil_blue_dude has returned to the forums to announce that it will now be progressed.
  • Finally, check out this link for another dynamic new pic of The Chosen One.

Fan Fiction

The last few weeks have seen the following new fanfics sprout up on the forums:

  • Marine Destiny, by Isaac, begins as marine Aarin Flynn lands with his squad on Na Pali near an abandoned base.
  • In the imaginatively titled Ochre, by CyMek, follows its eponymous lead character finds himself in a rather unusual situation" involving the Skaarj.
  • Finally, Lavama presents the first opening snippet of The War, which centres around a Skaarj named Guardian.

Readers are invited to contact me if I have missed anything out!

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