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News Archive May 2005

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Unreal Unreal Tournament New OldUnreal OpenGL & OpenAL Patches 31 May 2005 Hellscrag

OldUnreal has released major new patches for Unreal & Unreal Tournament. Not only do the patches offer the latest OpenGL support for Unreal, they also offer two new sound systems for Unreal and Unreal Tournament: OpenAL, which offers fully functional surround sound for the first time and support for EAX environments, and FMOD, an alternative system that, for the first time, offers support for Unreal's awesome original echo effects. The patches are still at first beta stage, and fuller features will be offered (particularly for FMOD) in future releases.

Site News Get involved at UnrealSP.Org 29 May 2005 Hellscrag

On the forums we are currently running a poll regarding what article(s) or section(s) to add to the site to mark our fourth anniversary, which is coming in June. Many of the options, however, may require us to take on new staff. Amongst the positions that may be becoming available are: an art scout, to receive submissions of fan art; a seasoned member of the community to act as interviewer for a number of mappers, authors and project leaders; and a new fan fiction reviewer, to add to rather than replace the work done by Enigma, following his schema and his high expectations and standard of analysis.

Are you a regular visitor to this site who would be willing to help out? All positions require a certain amount of initiative and there are no rewards in particular (apart from a full position on the team page), but your contribution to the running of the site would be welcomed. You'd need to be able to remain a regular on our forums. If you're interested in getting involved, or would just like to vote on what the site should be doing next, please get in touch via the poll thread!

Unreal Tournament Unreal: Skaarj Unleashed Pics 29 May 2005 Hellscrag

For those of you currently following the numerous current upcoming projects, the Unreal: Skaarj Unleashed web site has been updated with new pics of missions two and seven.

Unreal Tournament SP2D Pics... Again! 23 May 2005 Hellscrag

Kea has made available four nice new pics of SP2D, this time of the Kharlaan Village map by Derdak2rot.

Unreal Happy Birthday Unreal 23 May 2005 Hellscrag

According to BeyondUnreal, yesterday was the seventh anniversary of the release of Unreal. Well, happy birthday, old friend!

Unreal Tournament 2004 Return to NyLeve Screenshots 22 May 2005 Hellscrag

pBOOST's project for UT2004 is getting underway, with screenshots of the first map now available at his site. Upcoming Maps has been updated with one of the pics.

Fan Fiction Noailiat Completes the Nalipal Trilogy 18 May 2005 Hellscrag

Noailiat's second trilogy of Unreal fan fiction has been completed with the release of part three, "Battle for Nalipal" (no relation to Team UnrealSP's Unreal sequel, Unreal: Battle for Na Pali). Visit Noailiat's web site if you want to read the story; and once you've done that, the author would welcome any feedback on his thread on our forums.

Unreal Tournament SP2D Pics 18 May 2005 Hellscrag

The latest pair of new screenshots of project SP2D feature an snowy map by Mgo named "Way to the Tower". From the various screenshots that are now available, the project looks to be developing well its unorthodox approach to Unreal level design.

Unreal Tournament Dark Territory News 2 May 2005 Hellscrag

UArchitect has reported that his project Dark Territory will now be getting back on track. A demo has been released although, being an alpha, it comes with health warnings. Check the new project thread for more info.

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